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Do you have a VR headset? Will you ever buy one?

Do you have a VR headset?

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I have a Quest 3 and I love it. It’s the first system that gave me the same feeling I had when I played Mario 64 for the first time as a kid.

It's akin to jumping from 2D to 3D. Now we're in our games!

I get motion sickness at the drop of a hat. I will not even try one.

Do you notice sickness when you move or is it all the time? There is such a thing called "VR legs". That sickness goes away after some use. Otherwise they have VR treadmills that solve that motion sickness from moving. A higher refresh rate for the VR panels also has been shown to help reduce motion sickness.

Im checking into the tech every few years but always walk away underwhelmed.
I think we're still faaar away from VR being a mature and potent enough tech to become mainstream in the private sector.

What do you think would excite you?

I'm one of the 20% or so that can't do VR--whenever I do, I get carsick and throw up. Tried it with all of them but OC3, and it's been the same story. I may get one down the road if there's a way I can wear corrective lenses or something (that isn't Dramamine) to help me not get motion sickness.

I'm also one of those assholes that can't see the 3D magic picture things, so this pretty much tracks.

And yes, I know it's a schooner.

And yes, I also know a schooner is a sailboat, stupidhead. Still can't see it.

Interesting. Does this motion sickness occur from moving?

I have an VR headset (Quest 3) but i should use it more often. I'm currently waiting for Deus Ex in VR mod.

Oooh that looks amazing. So many projects bringing flat games into VR. Fun times we're in.


I moved all my stuff around just last week so I can get back into VR. I now have about 16ft x 16ft to go nuts in VR ☺️


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Quest 2. Used a lot by me and my kids mainly for driving games with a wheel and pedals, or flight sims with a stick, but I also play a fair bit of first person shooters either native or PC and my kids play a variety of stuff. Really tempted to get a Q3 but it's just a little too pricey seeing as I would be mainly using it for PC.


I have a Quest 3, and I have had a Quest 2 and PSVR1 before.

I barely ever use it though, because there are no games I want to play, and I get motion sick very easily.
It's also kind of just a hassle to set up and use.


Been an early adopter since the first Oculus DK1, and have since bought every major PC VR headset. Currently using a 4K headset.

My next one is going to be the micro-OLED driven Bigscreen Beyond which I'll hopefully get my hands on in ~two months.


It's pretty tiny, especially compared to some of the monstrosities out there..
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I don't have a VR headset.
I find the tech interesting and the few times I've used one of the more decent headsets I thought the experience was pretty cool.
But it's just too expensive for something I don't see myself using very frequently. If I'm going to spend $500 on entertainment hardware I'd rather put it towards an eventual Switch 2, or a Steam Deck, or building a PC.


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I have a HTC Vive, PSVR1, Quest 1, Quest 3, PSVR2

PSVR2 was given by my friend because he couldn't find any appealing game beyond Gran Turismo 7 and RE Village. And now it is gathering dust in my house, because I feel the same way too. Already have the VR games I am interested in on my Quest 3/PC.


I have the og PSVR and an Occulus II. In general I prefer the Occulus errr... Metaquest simply because it's detached. The games are on par with the og PSVR but play a lot better. But if I'm real honest, I barely use either of them.
Currently own an Index.

I don't use it as much as I'd like. The tech is great but there isn't a compelling enough library of games on Steam.

The Deus Ex VR conversion is the only upcoming release I'm psyched for.


I have PSVR2 and Quest 2.

Aside from BG3, the best games of 2023 were easily PSVR 2 games.

I hear so many people talking about "missing the magic" in gaming this generation and I honestly can't relate.

Some of the VR games I expierenced in 2023 are legendary.

GT7, Resident Evil games, Pavlov (TTT) and Red Matter 2 (mainly) are all surreal expierences and I'll literally never forget my time with them.

But I get it.... VR is expensive, it's different and it requires effort to learn how to use it properly to get the most out of it, so I understand the resistance from the gaming community regarding it.


Don't have one but will probably get a Meta Quest 3 since that seems to be the best VR headset on the market...


I think Simracing is the best use case for VR. Its really a gamechanger for simracing games


Too bad Sony didn't port that astros robot game to psv2. Let alone all the other games. Would have possssssibly considered. Then I'm reminded that the peripheral costs more than the console it requires so I'll just laugh at Sony instead.


I bought the original Vive in 2016. I still think it's very cool tech but the only game I ever played in full was HL:Alyx. It's otherwise just too cumbersome in my opinion.

VR headsets need to become lighter and slimmer to make me interested again. There's so much focus on increasing resolution but I think it's the least important factor by far. VR is great tech but the usability of it is dreadful.
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I have HTC Vive, I wish it were easier to use. I know wireless ones like Meta Quest 3 exists, but I would want to use it with my PC.
VR gives me motion sickness 20-30min into any game. I likely won't be interested in anything VR until the technology reaches Ready Player One levels of immersion.


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Bought my first headset(Quest 2) a month ago, strictly for porn. Ended up buying a cable to connect to my computer for some PCVR, checked out games like RE7, Half-Life 2, etc. Not only do I get motion sickness, but also I get quite hot after 45 minutes. The headset tends to get pretty warm, especially with PCVR. Combining motion sickness with extreme warmth isn't a pleasant feeling, so I don't play PCVR anymore. The porn remains fantastic, however.


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
No and no, seems like a pointless thing for me as there's maybe only one or two pieces of VR software that I have the least bit of interest in.


Until they get them down to the size of a regular pair of sunglasses (with no wires, no external battery, etc.) then I do not even want to try them. I hated 3D TVs simply because I could not standing having to wear electronic glasses to watch TV. VR is same thing, but much worse. The only reason I would try it if they got them down to regular sunglasses size would be for novelty and nothing else. It would be really neat to watch Netflix on a 200 inch screen right in front of me "virtually." Then there is the fact that I think people look ridiculous playing VR, mostly adult men who still live with their mom and have totally failed to launch. Yeah. . . . I don't want anything to do with that.


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Zero interest given what I see now with games and apps, only way I'd try it is if I got one for free to dabble with, or a next gen console had a mandatory VR set packed in so you got no choice but to get it.

But down the line, if the VR sets get higher quality, cheap ($100), and you can watch tons of live sports VR style where I can pick the game I want with view options, I'd consider it. Last time i read about it, NBA VR is shit quality and only for certain games. And it's only for meta sets for US users.. And NHL has no VR viewing option.

It would be awesome to test it out and pay $10 to watch a live feed playoff game from any rink.
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Replaying the classics in VR is incredible, easily my favorite thing to do with any high-end gaming tech

- Half Life 1, 2, ep1, and ep2 all perfectly converted with full motion support, reloading, etc
- Prey (2006) VR for a wild ride
- Duke Nukem 3D, amazing to see full size
- Quake 2, full campagin etc
- Jedi Knight finally letting you use the saber the way it was intended
- even Minecraft VR (Vivecraft) if you get it set up can be fantastic, gives a beautiful sense of scale to the worlds
- many Gamecube games work in full VR with dolphin fork
- 3DS blown up to full VR actually works now
- ... that's just a few, I forgot a ton of conversions and mods


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Quest 2. Pull it out every now and then, have quite a lot of fun actually, and then forget about it for a few months (this time it might be more like a year since I last used it...). Just easier to sit on my couch and play PS5 I guess.
As of right now, I don't have one and don't have any intention of getting one, at least until (a) the tech has evolved to where they're way less cumbersome and (b) when I have cleared out my backlog of traditional non-VR games.


Have a meta 2, sold my psvr.. will pick up a meta 3 when it drops $100 or so...

Love it... but can only do it for an hour session a day..

Superhot is my fav... its a frikin workout

also love Walkabout Mini golf, worth it alone
I have a CV1 that I used for a little bit then it dropped off. Back in the day it went on sale for like 4 hundo which seemed like a steal. I ended up buying an extra tracking station or whatever since having 3 supposedly made the tracking so much better... and I needed a PCI USB card because there were some bandwidth limitations... I did set up the USB but never actually unboxed the other tracking station.

Fast forward to today, I just ordered a Quest 2 for $200 purely to play Eleven Table Tennis... ordered the tennis handle adapter as well. Shipped to me mum's home where I'm about to head off to for a month. Kind of an impulse purchase that hopefully will help me train a bit for real table tennis (which I have been getting back into). Might end up leaving it there. Who knows if I really like it I might thing about getting a Quest 3 or waiting on whatever the next big iteration ends up being and potentially getting back into PCVR.

But while on my trip I'll just have my 14" laptop, which is pretty decent for its size but it's no 4090 gaming rig like I have here.

tldr did PCVR like 6 years ago for a hot minute, gonna give the untethered Quest life a try next week.


When it’s wireless and easy as putting on sunglasses I might think about it again.
But it is wireless and as easy as putting on sunglasses

Back to the topic , VR porn games are still terrible , so there isn't much incentive to have one yet . Had a Rift S back then , but it seems like nothing new nowadays .
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I'm not interested in VR at all and think it's a fad like 3D which slowly dies and than comes back a couple of decades later, rinse and repeat.
Depending on how the PSVR2 on PC thing works out I might buy one.

I voted wrong though because I forgot I even had a Quest 2 lol. Used it for power wash VR and never took it out again.


When the industry moves towards VR implementation in most games, and when technology makes VR less expensive and less cumbersome to use, that'll be the time I bite


I have an Oculus Quest 2 and I hardly game on it. It's heavy and there's not many interesting games on it.
Have one, barely use it.
I would not even want it differently until the form factor of the headset is not drastically smaller. It's fine for some sessions in between but it's not ready to replace regular gaming yet. Kinda same as a racing wheel, ie fine for the proper racing games, duh, but I would not want to be glued to my desk all the time.


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I have been gaming since space invaders were in the arcades. Playing VR for the first time was like experiencing video games for the first time again. I barely touch mine as I want better games to come out.


I had a Valve Index up until about a year ago but had to sell it to pay for some home repairs.
I thought it was great. I didn't mind the headset being wired, you forgot it was there after 2 minutes.
Half-Life Alyx blew me away. Fantastic game, fun to play and Workshop support... 100% awesome.

I'd be tempted for an Index 2 if Valve ever make one.


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When the industry moves towards VR implementation in most games, and when technology makes VR less expensive and less cumbersome to use, that'll be the time I bite

This is the correct answer.

Still far too many glorified tech demos that pass for games.

The amount of actual, proper, deep and expansive games you can get for VR that immerse you in a world, a story and a character, is still incredibly small.

I just can’t be bothered to strap one of those damn things to my face anymore for just a shallow experience like Arizona Sunshine, or I Expect You To Die.

Once the novelty wears off, it becomes painfully apparent that VR has very little depth whatsoever.



This is the correct answer.

Still far too many glorified tech demos that pass for games.

The amount of actual, proper, deep and expansive games you can get for VR that immerse you in a world, a story and a character, is still incredibly small.

I just can’t be bothered to strap one of those damn things to my face anymore for just a shallow experience like Arizona Sunshine, or I Expect You To Die.

Once the novelty wears off, it becomes painfully apparent that VR has very little depth whatsoever.

I agree this needs to happen.

VR makes shit games better. Games you would not even look twice on a flat screen become fun to play and makes good games great. This is why we see a lot of small Devs making smaller games, it's just because they can get away with it on VR and make some money. There is a real thirst for VR games that isn't being fullfilled.

GT7 is much better in VR than on a flat screen, I feel the same with the Resident Evil ports also. Luckily VR has a group of people doing just that.

This group of poeple have modded a lot of flat screen games to VR and have done a better job than some official ports, team Beef's Doom 3 Quest port is much better than the official VR port.

I am huffing hopium that this makes other devs take note.

This Discord is a beacon of light, they have ported many flat screen games.
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I'm a big fan of VR, and Quest 3 is arguably the best one right now.

I use it often to play games, watch movies, and sometimes, even work.


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I don’t have VR and I have zero interesting getting one.…for me it’s waste of money.
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Don't have one, borrowed it for weeks but only tried it a couple of times. Its just too messy to set up, games felt like tech demos, and uncomfortable to wear.

Niche product at best.


Once the novelty wears off, it becomes painfully apparent that VR has very little depth whatsoever.
If you think of it as a replacement of general gaming, I agree. But for those of us into flight simulation and racing, proper VR adds an almost priceless value.

And now when we already have access to this type of form factor (still not perfect, but man it's getting closer..)...


(Prototype btw, the design has changed for the slightly better since)
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