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Don't usually have photographic evidence of someone's first boner but Leslie Grace has that super power.


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Netherlands. I never wanted to be 22•22 22•22 's neighbor so badly. I'd love to have that many trails and pathways. Good exercise.

e: i should add for context, the reason I don't bike here is because bicyclists get killed every year here by careless drivers. I'm not joking. It's really bad.

Yeah cycling is normal here and we have special parts of the road in most cases that only allow cycling. In the summer...'s something alright. In the rain with heavy headwind not so much. And that covers 50% of Holland's weather lmao.

In regards to the exercise part.. I dunno man. We're more dense here. So places are relatively closer to each other then say Colorado or whatever.

And yeah the lack of safety is mind boggling.

Kinda random but yeah to get an idea

Red is for cars 🤡

Oh and speaking of neighbours. I'm great. Quite, etc. You'll have to get used to the metal clanging sound sometimes. Old houses huh
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Doesnt need recognition
Mercator map:

But map experts and other people say the Mercator projection should not be used in schools. They say it does not correctly show the sizes of countries and continents.

Hey yo read this fine print ok this here is not meant for serious educational purposes.

Schools: "who cares"

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