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"The Last Of Us" Episode 4 Reaches New Series High (7.5 million Viewers)



Episode 4 of "The Last of Us" set yet another series high. 7.5 million viewers tuned into Sunday night's episode, up 17% from the 6.4 million that tuned into Episode 3.

That the show's audience is still growing at this point is an especially impressive feat, as Episode 4 aired on HBO and released on HBO Max during the telecast of the 65th Grammys, which brought in 12.4 million viewers, its highest audience since 2020. Still, a major contingent of viewers chose to watch "The Last of Us" instead, or chose to stream the new episode after the three-hour-long awards show.
Additionally of note is that "The Last of Us" is on more rapidly inclining trajectory than "House of the Dragon," which is HBO's most recent comparable series in terms of viewership. Though "House of the Dragon" premiered with almost 10 million viewers and "The Last of Us" has yet to reach that point, it's notable that the cable viewership of "House of the Dragon" dropped significantly by its third episode before steadying out for the rest of its run. (Total viewership including streaming was not available for Episodes 3-9 of "House of the Dragon.")
The fifth episode of "The Last of Us" will also run into some major competition — the Super Bowl, typically the most-viewed telecast of the year — though HBO has mitigated that problem with a new release strategy. The network announced on Sunday that Episode 5 will release on HBO Max two days before the linear airing, allowing viewers the full weekend to watch the episode before the big game.
Given the early streaming debut and the overall success of the series so far, it seems that "The Last of Us" may still be able to outdo itself next week. Last year, "Euphoria" aired the sixth episode of its second season in competition with the Super Bowl — without adjusting its streaming calendar — and still achieved a series high, and "The Last of Us" has outpaced "Euphoria's" audience by millions.


Sadly next episode is all but guaranteed to decrease as it's streaming only on Friday and then being Aired on Sunday.

So it'll split the viewership.


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Even my Mrs who's really enjoyed the first three episodes turned to me and just said, that wasn't great, what was that...is that how it is in the game....?

...I just said no it isn't, the two characters they introduced are good and it should improve I hope lol.
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All the episodes have been fantastic so far. Only problem with the last one was that it was too short.

I really liked how they replicated the car crash sequence almost to a tee. felt like I was playing the game


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Don't know what's funnier right now... the asshats having a meltdown because Hogwart's Legacy is a huge seller, and reviews very well... or the asshats having a meltdown because The Last Of Us is a massive fucking success by every conceivable metric :messenger_tears_of_joy: :messenger_tears_of_joy:
As much as neither side will admit it they are both cut from the same cloth. They want society to conform to their world view and can't handle it when it doesn't.


I really hardly watch any telly shows except for sport. It's wild that people at work started talking about it. Overheard 3 guys at work talking and getting excited about it. They have no idea I'm a gamer and went through the game It's bbased on 3 times.

I need to sit and have a watch of one of the best video games I've played.


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I have a coworker who was surprised that they made a video game that fast when the season isn't even finished. She was shocked when I told her it was based off of a ten year old game and they made a sequel that came out three years ago. TLOU is being exposed to whole new audience.
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