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The battle over Gamestop is getting really interesting


Man it's been six months since I posted this, can't believe it's still up to 270 lol.

WSB: Just retarded enough to cause a once in a decade event three times in a few months


I’m still in!

It’s clear there was so much fuckery on this stock.

Upcoming vote can really set off the bomb

It's too bad DVF doesn't post anything but memes now, at first the messaging behind them was like 5 dimensional chess, but now I think he's just having fun and avoiding anything that could be seen as a stock recommendation.

If that time traveler was in anything I'd follow him to the moon. I'd imagine he's probably taken more out, and good for him, that was one frickin awesome retirement and he lead so many others to wealth.

Buggy Loop


Buckle up, if the votes for GME show suspicious activity, like more voters than floating shares (synthetic shares) and that Ryan Cohen recalls all shares, this thing will explode to a MOASS
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