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Summer 2012 Anime |OT2| Of Suspended Anime Due To Olympics

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Firehawk12 being #2, I would expecting nothing less from my rival of the White Rose family.


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Kanokon 1

This show is so dumb and so messed up I can't even begin to start how stupid I was for watchign this show. Dropped. Instantly.


Well at least I broke 100.

I'm proud of you!


Ro Kyu Bu 7

Time for swimming and with swimming comes swimsuits. I think the high school girls are less developed than the elementary school girls too. why.jpg

Lone highlight of the episode was Koala-Attack!

Five episodes to go but the end seems so far away.


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Holy shit, I'm on the wall of shame? I've never been on the wall of shame for anything.

I probably only made ~10 relevant posts out of that 104 too. I'm sorry guys :(
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