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Square Enix has uploaded trailers for an Asian release of Dragon Quest X Offline which *could* mean a western English release might be soon announced

Gematsu discovered this today:

Square Enix Asia just uploaded trailers for an Asian release of Dragon Quest X Offline in spring 2024, which could mean a western English release is about to be announced.

The Asian trailers only list PS5, PS4, and Steam as platforms, which could indicate that Nintendo is handling publishing of the Switch version outside of Japan, as it sometimes does with Dragon Quest titles. (The Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 was published by Nintendo outside of Japan, despite launching simultaneously on PS4, which was published by Square Enix. Square Enix's western trailers and PR never mentioned the Switch version.)


Traditional Chinese:

Simplified Chinese:

According to an interview with the producer of the game on a Taiwanese gaming website, the ambiguous answers suggest that SE is likely receiving marketing and localization costs from SIE. Therefore, it is likely that there will be no Switch version.

Q: 這次中文化沒有 Nintendo Switch 版的理由?

Q: Why is there no Nintendo Switch version of the Chinese localization this time?

A: 沒有 Switch 版的原因有點難以具體解釋,因此在此暫不回答。但 PS 主機效能很強(尤其是 PS5),因此相信能帶給玩家最好的遊戲體驗。

A: The reason there is no Switch version is a bit difficult to explain specifically, so we will not answer it for now. However, the PS console is very powerful (especially the PS5), so we believe that it can provide players with the best gaming experience.


Source for the info inside the quotes is this Reddit thread.
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I really wish they hadn't simplified the art style for this. The races looked great as regular dragon quest characters.



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Between no news on DQ12 and the DQ3 remake and DQ10 offline still no US announcement, it’s sad to see this great franchise lose so much momentum.

FF bringing the heat with FF16 and FF7R coming out within a 12 month period makes it more jarring.


Exactly my thoughts everytime I see this offline version being mentionned. I wish it had a style closer to 8 and 11 like it originally did. This chibi style is a complete turn off for me.
Agreed. I find it even more jarring since they already have the 3D models and stuff they could take from the online version.

But yeah, I understand that the intention with DQX Offline was to notch people over to the online version (among other things).
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