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Silent Hill 2 Isn’t Ready For Release, Says Bloober Team


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It was just days ago that the CEO of Bloober Team sat down to give an interview with Polish financial news platform, Bankier.pl. During this interview, the CEO, Piotr Babieno, explained that the Silent Hill 2 remake that his team has been working on is ‘technically ready’, and that the company had expectations that the game would sell more than 10 million copies.

However, Bloober Team has now taken to social media to set the story straight, confirming that these claims were simply lost in translation and not necessarily correct. In a sincere statement, the team retracted Babieno’s lines, giving fans as clear a picture as possible of where the Silent Hill 2 project sits at present.

Regardless, Bloober Team remains optimistic in the face of any bad press, and in a lengthy statement posted to Twitter, the team set the record straight regarding the status of Silent Hill 2’s development.


So, fans that are eager to learn more about Bloober Team’s Silent Hill 2 remake will need to wait for Konami to step out from the shadows and offer something a little more tangible.


Your mistake is even believe you have to give an official response to social media.
Just take your time, make the game and when it's ready you say it's ready.


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I think it's coming next year. 2024 is looking good already with what we know is coming: DS2, Lost Soul Aside, Rise of the Ronin, FF7 Rebirth, Silent Hill 2, possibly Wolverine
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This has got 2024 written all over it. I do expect to see some gameplay in the next PS showcase though, whenever that is! *
* likely around E3 time.
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