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Ps5 can generate haptic feedback from sound effects


Aug 25, 2018
Can´t wait for new reviews:

I need to raise the matter that the pic you posted is tasteless based on how it presents age wise. Please consider removal


Jan 1, 2007
I need to raise the matter that the pic you posted is tasteless based on how it presents age wise. Please consider removal

And here I thought this has been the most interesting tidbit about anything next gen. And it's from PS2 and one of my favorite games ever.


Ah. Peace and quiet. #ADayWithoutAWoman
May 24, 2005
It still requires active effort to implement. Not to mention, vibrations generated from audio waveform will not always provide an appropriate "natural" feedback to the player.

I doubt 3rd parties will care.

Who cares? As long as 1st and 2nd party games care, that's good for me.


Feb 6, 2018
Like a fart then...more or less.



Jul 16, 2017
Makes sense, I remember game chairs and this silly vest that used subwoofers to translate the sound into physical vibrations for "immersion".


Sep 30, 2004
What would be cool is if Sony has a small team dedicated to helping developers with that sort of thing. For instance, suggesting use cases or helping with implementation. Maybe they'll even provide that help for free because anything that positively differentiates the PS5 version (of a third party title) from the XSX version is money in the bank for Sony.

Well, what there needs to be is like a Unreal Marketplace department for Haptics Effects. Same as textures, models and sound effects, you'd have a library of haptic sensory effects like explosions, heartbeats, scraped surfaces, things you'd need. There'd be variations compatible with Switch+DualSense as well as tracks designed specifically for one or the other or whatever else is out there.

Also, there are haptics have plugins in Unreal and Unity, and there's some general element assignments for it in the major engines, but it makes sense to have good and easy management tools for it. More advanced haptic feedback is a part of two consoles (and I'm not sure what XSX has? General rumble still? Rumble Triggers? Nothing? I've heard about shape and latency and surface texture improvements but otherwise I don't know much about the controller?) and also it's a big part of VR, it's a major and increasing part of mobile devices, on and on, so any improvements to make implementation as easy and robust as any other element in software will be helpful.

As far as how much DualSense feel will actually "make you feel it" before you forget that it's rumbling, though, or if developers will put any great efforts into good haptics when they've treated it an afterthought in so many other devices... I'm not sure if PS5 will break that barrier? It's not like HD Rumble went away with Switch, you'll still feel games rumbling when it counts and you maybe just haven't been paying attention since. (HD Rumble does seem like it could use a "Volume knob", it seems like its death rumbles don't ever have enough kick in games I've tried.) And in games where it is used as a "feature" like the Mario Odyssey blind-hunt stars or the 1-2-Switch marbles, those will always mark the feature as a "gimmick" as much as it is a cool thing to experience. It'll always be a way smaller pillar of the experience compared to sight and sound. But when it's done well, gamers should still notice it (and if you really get used to it, you can feel it when it's gone; I remember jumping to PS3 and sometimes feeling the loss of rumble in the early SixAxis controllers,) and just in general, making it simple and deep for game designers to put good haptics in should allow them to get it in and get on to other aspects of the game.


Jun 12, 2018
Most didn’t use the “haptic rumble” or the trigger motors. Expect the same support for this.

I don’t think you are delusional enough to expect otherwise.

Of course they will use it in the PS5. Don't you know features that are mundane in the Xbox and Switch are earth-shattering and game changing when implemented in the PS5 :pie_roffles:
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Feb 23, 2009
I need to raise the matter that the pic you posted is tasteless based on how it presents age wise. Please consider removal

Before I say anything else, is this a joke?

Regarding the feature: Since N64's Rumble Pack, vibration is a basic feature for me and I really missed it at PS3's launch. Anything that can be done to improve the feature is a welcomed addition for me.

That said, it is true that the Xbox One's controllers have a haptic feature for the triggers and I have never played a game that uses it (although I play on PC and so far only a few hours of GoW4). So hopefully this gets put to some use.

Using sound it's a clever way to reduce the time it gets to implement the feature so I think this is the right direction.