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Nikkei: Next Nintendo Console coming after Spring 2024

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Development of new Nintendo hardware is reportedly “progressing well”.

That’s according to a Nikkei Asia source, who the publication claims is close to the platform holder.

“Development seems to be progressing wel. But a product launch won’t happen before next spring at the earliest.”

Earlier today, Nintendo reported a slowdown in Switch hardware sales and suggested no new hardware will launch before April 2024.

The company said it sold 17.97 million Switch consoles during the fiscal year ended in March, taking lifetime sales to 125.62 million.

It expects to sell 15 million Switch consoles during the current fiscal year, which would represent a 16.5% year-over-year decline.


Sony make cringe trainers.
Interesting, four years after PS5 launch. Might give allow them competitive enough hardware maybe? Maybe something close to Series S ports even?
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