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Next Gen Game : Observer: System Redux Augments the Cyberpunk Thriller


Jun 29, 2019
Against the assault of laughter

Observer: System Redux is an enhanced version of the cyberpunk thriller made by Bloober Team for next-generation consoles, as announced today in a press release. You can check out below a gorgeous announcement trailer for System Redux, captured at 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

The year is 2084.
The future has turned out much darker than anyone could imagine. First, there was the Nanophage. A digital plague that killed thousands upon thousands of those who chose to augment their minds and bodies.
Then came the War, leaving both the West and the East decimated and shattered. With no one left to seize power, corporations took over and forged their own crooked empires.
You are a tool of corporate oppression. Feared and despised, you hack into the darkest corners of your suspects’ minds. You creep into their dreams, expose their fears, and extract whatever your investigation may require.
You are an Observer.
What is System Redux?
Veteran Observers can dive deeper into this dystopian reality thanks to expanded gameplay and brand-new story content, while newcomers will get the chance to experience this cyberpunk thriller in all its chilling next-gen glory. Keep an eye out for more details on the enhancements in the coming weeks and months leading up to the premiere of next-generation consoles!
The original Observer game, featuring one of the last performances from acclaimed actor Rutger Hauer, garnered praise from Francesco, who rated it 7.8 in his review from August 2017.

Observer is a very interesting first person adventure game featuring a well-crafted setting and characters as well as the team's signature transitions, which manage to carry everything forward in spite of the gameplay which gets slightly repetitive over time. While the single elements may not be particularly original, the sum of the parts more than makes up for it, making Observers a worthy purchase for fans of psychological horror and dystopian settings.
System Redux will come out in Q4 2020.

(Im not impressed)


Oct 7, 2019
The cover-art of the game always reminded me of this. Play and read if you haven't yet.

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Jun 1, 2017
Don't need to be a detective to observe this game looks like pish.

Next-gen will have better quality than this. Gameplay should always be king, but visuals are important too.
Feb 17, 2020
Wanted to play this on PC but even with high end rig running the game off an SSD, the game had a terrible stutter/hitching at 60fps.


Ah. Peace and quiet. #ADayWithoutAWoman
May 24, 2005
I should have been more specific in my post. I meant if next gen is going to be nothing but current gen games remastered then count me out.

Then you'll be super happy post E3 then.