Jim Ryan: Suppy & distribution chain problems for PS5 have been resolved [In Asia]. Promises to distribute more PS5s in Japan (and Asia) in 2023.

SIE apologized for the inconvenience caused by the logistical and production problems faced by the Japanese technological giant and, in thanking users for understanding, reported that the distribution chain is back to work at full capacity.

The CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment reiterates the concept by underlining that the problems that have made PlayStation 5 unobtainable since the launch of the console have been resolved, at least for the Asian markets: Ryan promises to distribute significantly more PS5s in Japan (and the rest of Asia) during 2023.

It is important to note by the article, that Ryan was only saying supply chain issues have been resolved for the Asian market,
Ryan’s statements, it should be reiterated, refer only to the Asian market, as a result we do not know if the logistical and production problems that have affected the distribution of PlayStation 5 in Europe and North America to date are destined to continue or not.

The article seems to be auto-translating a domestic language but basically it talks about how Jim Ryan says that IN ASIA the supply chain and distribution issues that have made the PS5 "unobtainable" has been resolved. He says Sony expects to send increased shipments to Japan, and the rest of Asia as the article writes.

However, the article does make mention that he was only referring to the Asia market, so until Jim clarifies that the production and stock issues are resolved here in the US and in Europe too, we should expect supply issues to last awhile longer.

But the good news is this indicates that PS5 supply problems will be resolved in the west sooner rather than later at least. So it's a good sign, at least imo.

I'm hoping by spring.
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There has basically been no stock of PS5s in Japan compared to the West.

They obviously want that resolved in time for FF16 and what they're doing now is putting more emphasis on asia as a region because the supply chain for the west is easing up.

They've focused on North America so that they didn't fall behind Microsoft and they have always felt that they are way ahead of Microsoft in Europe and especially Asia. So these areas got less attention.

By the end of 2023 hopefully, anyone who wants a PS5 can get one anywhere in the world.


Some of the Japanese stock is going to china.
It would be hard to fix that, as the supple demand is going crazy at the moment.


The best CEO of the year, hands down. 😉
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I was interested initially, but scalpers and high price point has forced me to stay with PC only this gen. I eould rather upgrade my 3060ti with 500 dollars.


I cry about Xbox and hate PlayStation.
Jim flexing his muscle again, stop it Jim!!!! i cant handle it!!!


It doesn’t look to be supply constrained in the uk various bundles are in stock and available to bay now across multiple retailers.


I've trying to get one since my launch ps4 died, but no luck... I can't even get another ps4, completely sold out everywhere (except for scalpers....).
Love it Jim, no excuses for sub 50k weeks in Japan now then.

Probably analysed how much stock they had left over from black Friday in the USA and UK and thought. Yup, we can start reducing shipments to the west demand has reached a level we can manage.

That and a slim model coming?
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What this means is that they are (probably) not anymore in the situation that they sell 100% of the stock they send to their main market, the US and the EU. People are managing to find stock on stores, so for Sony, that means that their stock are taking some time to sell, compared to when the stock cleared almost instantaniously when sent in the past 2 years.

So now Sony is in a position to send that extra stock to other markets that aren't a priority to them(like Japan) and have been underserved until now, an ammount of stock that if sent to its main markets would have taken more time to sell.

So don't be idiots: There wasn't an actual supply issue that impeded them sending more units to Asia. The bottleneck was how many units they could produce, and the ones they did make they sent it to where they though was more important(US and EU) and ignored for the most part what they felt was secundary(Japan and Asia). It doesn't hurt that some heavy hitter Japanese games are launching in 2023 too.

This whole "Ah, it was a supply problem that stopped us to send an appropriate number of hardware to Asia, and not because we didn't want to!" is just PR to try to make them not look bad. But honestly, only morons would believe that.


Still too early for a slim model.

Need to get more to buy a regular ps5 so the same people can replace it for a slim later

It would be a cost reduction, and also the reductions in size and weight would be significant in shipping. One of the things Tim Apple is famous for, more iPhones on every plane, goodbye charger. It does make a difference to the company. The PS5 box is honestly massive, if they could make the box close to Series S box dimensions that's what, double the amount per plane or cargo ship?
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