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I have a vacation coming up! Should I buy "Elden Ring"?


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It's a great game, but really, you should buy it and play it in your free time during normal work days. Use your vacation days to travel or you know, just here some fun. Go to concerts, restaurants, bars,... Whatever.


Will I experience something similar with "Elden Ring" as I did with "Dark Souls"? Is it really this one 96% game? Does it make sense to get it if you'd rather have something with more story at the moment?
Probably not. Never a good idea to force yourself to enjoy something - especially when we are speaking about 100h-long open world games.

Taking some real vacation and getting out of your house is probably a better use of your off time. Keep ER for those long winter nights.
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This is my calendar from yesterday. Zero regrats



I played for about 40 hours during my vacation. Even though I was very enthusiastic in parts, I haven't touched the game for about 14 days. Let's see when and if it continues.

I have not beaten Margit yet!
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