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Hellblade II Screenshot Thread | Best looking game this gen so far?


It is wonderful that the photo mode is active during cinematic scenes also without any limitation. I swallowed the gun spoiler because of this 😂

The level of detail in character and environment modeling is insane. Nanite to the max. And Lumen never shines that bright in a UE5 game. Only the Matrix demo is this level. You can also leave the elements of the environment and climatic effects active and moving. There is nothing more photorealistic and with greater geometry. Nothing.

Hopefully The Coalition decided to use those assets for a Gears with the atmosphere of terror and destruction of Gears 1.....
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Runs great on my Series S



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This is really xbox's the order, great graphic but with dogshit image quality at least in pics and yt videos.

That one was more low res, this one has more CA, chose your venom.
That's really it. About the same amount of gameplay as well.
Not yet, afaik.

  • Minimized Chromatic Aberration & Film Grain with adding this text into: %localappdata%\Hellblade2\Saved\Config\WinGDK\Engine.ini

This seems to make a pretty big difference from what i can tell. Very much appreciated.
The use of the word "game" to describe this release is extremely generous. It's a paid tech demo. That being said, the graphics are good but unfortunately, it's ruined by its overuse of post processing effects like chromatic aberration and what not... The gameplay actually looks better than the cutscenes.

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Beautiful pictures so far. Graphics are absolutely nuts in this game. Crazy attention to detail. Diving in during this weekend hopefully. Don't mind if it's short but sweet as life is kinda busy now atm.


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That's a GOTY contender.

Who needs decent gameplay when your game looks that good? Looks like a next gen title that should be a launch game on the next Xbox or PS6. How the hell did they do this? I'm blown away!


I rag on modern games a lot, but this one is actually looks next gen. First game I can say that about all generation. Now, it looks like something we should have had much earlier, but it finally came. Not sure how much I will enjoy it, but seems like they accomplished most of what they set out to do.


PC version with the letterbox removed, along with film grain and CA etc removed -


It looks more like a 'game' now than a cgi movie and i'm sure some will feel its lost its charm like this, but i prefer the clean and crisp image quality. The game looks fucking nuts too imo, the detail really shines through with all the post processing gone (well most of it)..


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And people saying we're seeing diminishing returns😅 Unreal Engine 5 games hardly even begun,but they are probably gonna shine on PS6/Next Xbox
To be fair this is a 6 hour linear game. I doubt even on next gen consoles we will see a massive 50 hour open world game with these kind of graphics. We could do obviously but that game probably going to take most of next gen to develop.


I find it a mixed bag, the beginning beach level was impressive with really nice rolling waves and varied volumetric effects, dense geometry and glistening wet rocks that didn't look like plastic even if traversal was extremely limited. Afterwards around the hour mark or a bit before in the following area it looks like typical ue5 fodder, static and very little interactivity yet still extremely restrictive, the environment looks like it should be expansive but they somewhat managed to turn that into a corridor with less traversable terrain outdoors than most indoor areas in almost any other game this gen. The matrix demo was much more impressive. The game looks its best when you arent in control, basically during in game cutscenes. The second you take the reigns the cinematic sweeping cameras and dynamic motion and animation disappears and you are left slowly trudging along in some of the slowest moving traversal ive seen what is essentially down small corridors regardless of setting. Alan Wake's visuals rival these while giving player infinitely more agency on what is actual explore-able gameplay area. The caves look decent but they are also completely static though water caustics are nice. This game is basically Dear Esther with contemporary graphics as far as visuals and traversal are concerned but almost on rails with hardly any physics systems or npc ai. At the scope on display and the limitied interactivity i expected better visuals, it takes more than some refined and polished assets and good post processing to wow me i suppose. Like ive said before this would have impressed at launch but now its just another pretty game.


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I think the ingame model looks downgraded from their first video, loss of details.
Not feeling the tank controls and invisible walls....



To be fair this is a 6 hour linear game. I doubt even on next gen consoles we will see a massive 50 hour open world game with these kind of graphics. We could do obviously but that game probably going to take most of next gen to develop.
Well we could if they dont try to somehow force 8K res,just like they try to force 4k res this gen.Graphical fidelity could be amazing at 1440p/4k with DLSS/FSR with 100+ teraflops GPU in next gen consoles. Having powerful gpu to actually render graphical fidelity instead of waisting resources on higher res.

I guarantee you we would already have breathtaking UE5 graphics on PS5/XsX if they stayed on 1080p
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"Not a game" , and "but, but CA" .. Looks like the haters found something to latch onto, and now they are following the same script. I mean, it's obvious that most of you don't even know how the CA in this game work.

What is "CA"?

Nevermind. Light went on

Personally I see very little in this game to complain about visually. It looks fantastic.
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This gen’s Order 1886? Console warriors will hate it but some of us will enjoy it for what it is and will remember it as one of the highest point this gen regarding visuals. I just hope it will be released on ps5 eventually so I don’t have to buy a series X for it
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