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2023 PC Screenshot Thread of No Compromises

Cyberpunk 2077 Phantom Liberty (Modded) 4K Ultra Settings Ray Reconstruction DLSS 3.5


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Tag, you're it.
Kakax11 Kakax11 please read the rules on page 1 and don't post more than 3 screenshots per post. I know I'm being annoying but this rule is here for a reason.

This apply to everyone, 3 screens per post! Make more post if needed we don't pay for them.
Thanks <3.

Also, this is a rule for everyone too:
  • Compression: If it's visible you will be called out. Follow the JPEG guide
There are many tools to help everyone take better screenshots without losing quality, so don't hesitate to read the OP.


Do we have a thread for generic pc related questions?
I suppose here?
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