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Game pass users: do you ever buy the games?


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Due to mainly playing mmo games I haven't really bought games in a long time.
Back when game pass got announced I had almost all the game on my Xbox One.
Being a PC user, the library really lacked which is why I haven't looked at it so much, but the pc pass seems to have become pretty good lately.

I'm really thinking about subbing, also as you get the first month for 2 euro.
I've always wanted to try crackdown 3 out, and saw it was on sale 50 percent off. Game pass owners gets an additional twenty percent off, meaning if I ever unsub then I got some of the games relatively cheap if I decide to unsub.

But how many of you, who has an active subscription, actually buys the games you enjoy, instead of just play them to never try them again?

The good sales plus the additional price off with game pass seems to be a good trade off to actually own the games you want on the platform.

Edit: I'm talking about game pass games that's also gets on sale, not games outside game pass.
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no. i wont until i can be garunteed that my purchase (once it leaves gamepass) is still playable on X-cloud
Sure. That's what a lot of people don't really get. It's not choosing one or the other. If you want to be one of those "I only own all my games" people, GP still saves you money. Just play the games on GP.

Then in several years when it's 80% off, you can buy it. Most of the games get small sales as they leave GP. Or you can just wait even longer and the sales show up.

The only game I bought when I didn't have to is The Ascent, because it's one of my favorite games ever made. Probably will get it again on PS as well and replay it.


If I really like them and they're leaving the service, yes (especially if it's multiplayer). Otherwise, no, I wouldn't pay for something I already have access to.


If i love the game i buy to support the creator.

For example: What Remains of Edith Finch is a masterpiece, maybe the best Indie game of all time. I played via GP and after that i bought to support the studio.

I bought Halo Infinite , i wanted the special edition.
I bought D2:Resurrected in a bundle but I imagine that will be on Gamepass soon. I also bought NHL 22 because it isn’t on GP. First party will always be there so I don’t see a reason to “own” it unless there is a deluxe edition or something.


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I will buy elden ring next month but i have such a big backlog with GP so I don't have the time to play other games.
Not yet but,
Several that I've not yet finished but want to.
Hades, Nobody Saves the World. I like these small games that don't take all my time in between big releases.


I’ve been playing big releases on Gamepass and buying smaller titles that I liked after trying them through GP: Untitled Goose Game, Totally Reliable Delivery Service, tons of Minecraft add-ons. The increased engagement from GP has pushed me to buy more games than ever.


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Very few game purchases lately but that's not totally related to game pass. I did buy AoE IV to support the series and bought the deluxe dlc early access thing for FH5. That's about it aside from really cheap junk to farm achievements for MS rewards.


Nope, didn’t buy a single game last year. Haven’t bought anything so far in 2022 either. I have Gamepass prepaid until mid 2024 though so they already got some money from me.


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Hell no. The whole value of GP is that I don't have to buy those games.

It's actually making me hesitant to buy games considering I just bought Hitman 2 and then it showed up on GP a week later.


I use Gamepass more as a game demo service and if the game is good enough and warrants future playthroughs due to replay value, sure, I'll go ahead and buy it, but I wait for a good sale on it before doing so.


Sure. If something isn't available on GP or it's on GP but I know this is a game with a lot of replay-ability that I will come back to often.


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Is it not possible to see game pass games on sales in the game pass apps?

I can only see which games which game pass supports, but not sales. There I have to check the app on pc.


I've bought a few. Off the top i can remember Hitman 3 and Max Payne 3. But if they're gamepass games, usually on the way out the service so I still get 10% off.


I use GP to demo games I will then buy on PS5, weird I know but I just prefer the ecosystem and Dualsense feedback and features.

Literally just did this with Mortal Kombat 11, then got it on PS5 for £13.99 in the sale.

I haven't bought a single game on xbox, there's no need when all first party won't leave GP.

K' Dash

I buy games that I want to play that are not on the service.

I just bought Farcry 6 a few weeks ago, also have bought every mainline Resident Evil, Cyberpunk 2077 (lol) and a bunch of smaller titles that I liked that we're leaving GP and I was still playing.


Yes I still primarily buy my games. Kids use GamePass more than I do but they still have games they prefer to buy as well.


Nope, I buy the games I want on my ps5 and I got my Xbox Series X just to play things that are on game pass.
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Yes but with the caveat that I rarely buy games unless they're discounted for 60% or more off. The only time I ever use the "get 10% off of games from Game Pass" thing is if I'm buying something like Crowns for Elder Scrolls Online.


PSN+ and Now reduced my game purchases. GP gets popular games on the service sooner so I would think it has a stronger effect.


I bought dozens before they even went to gamepass. But gamepass has made me fall in love with so many games I wouldn’t have played if it wasn’t for gamepass. That’s future return purchases and sequel purchases for me later on.
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