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Game pass users: do you ever buy the games?


I have bought one. Kingdom Come: Deliverance.


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I find it cheaper to buy on other sales than the GamePass sales, but I have done it for a few games I do want to have regardless of my subscription. I might do it with a few more like MCC (right now the collection’s quality is justifying it). We will see if and when the price of GPU rises (still have a pretty mid 2023 sub, essentially £3 a month… ironically expiring the year MS will have most of its studios firing on all cylinders, Gold to GPU “hack” may have been foreseen ;)).


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Being a physical collector I've purchased Halo Infinite CE.

I love Forza Horizon 5. I'll purchase it when it's really cheaper ($20ish).


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That's because the MS Store on PC has honestly been a terrible experience for me.
The Xbox app alone has been a broken mess for years.

Xbox App: Install issues, update issues, not loading, games not loading.
Games crash off an on, with no error messages.
No MOD support
Unable to edit ini or game files if the game has a loading/game issues.

I buy my Steam games from GreenManGaming or CDKeys. I typically save around 40 to 80% off all games I purchases.

If the MS Store & Xbox App on PC were in a great state, then I would probably buy games in that store.

MS has promised that Windows 11 will have improvements for the Xbox App, MS Store and games will have MOD support. *whenever that will be*

So yeah, that's why. =)
Makes sense. I hope they still improve it on windows 10 so we won't get left behind.
I don't buy Xbox games anymore I use that money to buy my PS5 games
Go be a console warrior somewhere else.

This has literally nothing to do with my topic.


Haven’t bought a single game since I got it but I definitely would’ve paid full price for Forza if it weren’t on GP. I was thinking that I might start getting multiplats on it moving forward though


I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
To all GP users, how do I get the discount on purchases?

When I try to buy games, I dont get any discount, I thought you get some sort of discount buying games?


Yeah I still buy games that I really liked that are on Game Pass or in the case of Yakuza I played Like a Dragon and wanted to own the rest of the games despite being subscribed to Game Pass since day one.

All the Yakuza games
State of Decay 2 Ultimate
Forza Horizon 4 Ultimate
Forza Horizon 5 Ultimate
Wreckfest Deluxe
MLB the Show 21 Jackie Robinson Edition
Halo MCC
Dirt 5 Year One Edition
The Evil Within 2
Final Fantasy 7,8,9,10 and 15
Kingdom Come Deliverance Royal Edition
Kingdom Hearts HD 1,5 + 2,5 ReMix
Kingdom Hearts HD 2,8 Final Chapter Prologue
Dragon Quest XI

I'm sure that I forgot something, but yeah I still buy games and probably more then before.


To all GP users, how do I get the discount on purchases?

When I try to buy games, I dont get any discount, I thought you get some sort of discount buying games?

If you buy games that are on Game Pass the store automatically gives you 20% off, it says right under the game in yellow color.


If you buy games that are on Game Pass the store automatically gives you 20% off, it says right under the game in yellow color.
It's up to 20% off select games, 10% off game DLC/add-ons.

I've noticed the longer a game is on GamePass it tends to have a discount, but I could be wrong on this.
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The Division is the only thing i played on GamePass and then bought as soon as it left. Im digging that DragonBall fighting game thats on there and kinda want to buy it now


Play it on Game Pass. If you feel you like it enough and want to keep playing it more, buy it at a discount as it's leaving.

If you feel you like it enough that you want to play again in the distant future, just add it to your wishlist and buy it later.
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Before GP I bought used discs on Ebay, because I already spent too much moneyz on Blu-rays and Vinyls.

After GP I stopped buying games for a while, but it made me fall in love with gaming once again and now (after going 100% digital) I spend around 2x or maybe 3x amount that I used to.


There's been a few games coming to Game Pass that had cool pre-order bonuses that Game Pass version would not get. So I got a few of those...basically paying $60+ for the bonuses...so lame.

Other than that, just games that are leaving like the Yakuza series. Not really a big worry since they'll be on a future sale soon.


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I pre-ordered the Ultimate Editions of Flight Sim and Forza Horizon 5 before they were available on Game Pass. I'll probably buy Psychonauts 2 eventually. I've been a GPU member for two years.


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I've bought games separate from using Gamepass because of how sorry the state of the windows store has been. I've bought stuff on sale or stuff like MCC day 1 because of the avoidance of my main gripe.

I've subbed to Gamepass since and haven't bought anything nor do I see reason to.


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Always bought physical then sold them after being done with them. I never ever replay games down the road; I have zero desire to keep games after I'm done with them. So gamepass is perfect for me for how I consume games. I'll buy some PC only games that aren't on gamepass on Steam. And I'll buy Playstation and big 3rd party releases that aren't on gamepass on PS5. But if a game is day 1 on gamepass, or if its an older game on Gamepass, I'm not going to buy it. That's why I pay for gamepass.


Seems to me that some of us are just savvy enough to get their free games while still being buying enthusiasts, that's a new way to look at it for me.

I'll never do gamepass because I think it would be a perfect storm of escapism: always one more game to try... Also i like to own my games.


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This should have been a survey thread.

Why buy the cow when you can get a steady stream of milk that is greater in volume with no commitment for a fraction of the price?
I’ve had gamepass since its inception and while I don’t use it often, if it has done anything, it has prevented me from buying quite a few games that I had on my radar, played them on gamepass and realized they weren’t worth my money and often my time. There are also some that were good, so I just finished them through gp, so no, never. If anything it has stopped me from buying quite a bit of games.
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To all GP users, how do I get the discount on purchases?

When I try to buy games, I dont get any discount, I thought you get some sort of discount buying games?

There's no specific way or coupon, any game that's on the GP service, you can buy it for 20% discount. This can be done up to the minute the game is going to leave GP.


No. I pay the gamepass subscription so that I don't need to pay full price for titles. If there ever comes a time that I play a game that I love so much that gets removed from gamepass and I want to keep playing, then I will buy it when it is removed.


If it's a series that I have a long history with or if there is a cool limited/special edition copy of the game, then I'll buy a physical copy. I recently bought the steel book edition of Halo Infinite, since I like the series and have physical copies of all the other Halo games.


Do I buy any games for XSX above what game pass offers? = probably not, my goal is to not to have to buy a single game for sxs in next 3 years.

Do I buy any games that are currently on game pass, or have been? = most likely not, that would be counter effective.

I got GPU because it is so cheap with "trick", 93€ for 36 months is what I paid in total. So if I would buy games that are in it, it would ruin the cheapness.

SXS is my fellow system to PS5, so there are still way too many games between the two systems, so even if few games are removed (that I play), there is others to play.

My goal for this gen is to buy less games, for PS4 I bought like 80-100 physical games (most on sales) + 10-20 digital from sales + all the ps+ games, and that is just too many to play :D

So, game pass is one part of my goal, it really helps with the "I want to get something new to try out" feeling, because to me game pass are basically free for the next 3 years.

Also, games that come to game pass + ps5 = I will probably play the xbox version as it is "free".

I just tell this because I dont have anything against to buying games you like and are in GP, but I personally try to limit the amount of games / year, and those games that I will buy are most likely not on GP/xbox.

In theory, if I would have only SXS + GPU, I would still probably buy less games overall vs traditional system without GP.


no, i do not - why would i pay for them

if one comes out that i absolutely love then yea i'd buy it but it hasn't happened so far.
Yea I buy some cause some games leave game pass like I bought yakuza zero -6 again even tho I have them on ps4 like to support the developer.


I bought Psychonauts 2 on release day, and have bought multiple games that were about to leave so were on sale (recently bought all three of the Yakuza games that were leaving, only $5 each). Played and beat Psy2, and will beat all the Yakuza's once I have the time.

John Wick

Nope! Not one yet. I only bought the DLC for Forza Horizon 4 which was on sale and that's it. I'll probably do the same for FH5.


Not on Xbox, but I bought Tetris: Effect for the PS5, because the controller is much better for Tetris. Plus the game is so good, I don't mind supporting the devs some more.
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Threads like this and people wonder why so many of us give a hard side-eye to the notion that GP is such a money-maker and actually generates additional sales.


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So let's say I like outriders so much that i want to keep it.

The reason I use that title is because it's 67 percent off now. When a game leaves the platform its 20 percent off right?

So if its a game you really want to keep, then you should still buy them on these sales right?

I know the game prices gets lower as time goes, but the downside of game pass is you really don't know if a title goes away in a week right?


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Not on Xbox, but that's just me. GP is fine for me at the moment, especially as I'm trying to cut down my gaming time.
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