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First gameplay footage from a new Resident Evil 3.5 Fan Remake

Bullet Club

Oct 24, 2017
First gameplay footage from a new Resident Evil 3.5 Fan Remake

Residence of Evil has shared a video, showcasing the first gameplay footage from the upcoming fan remake of Resident Evil 3.5. Resident Evil 3.5 was an early version of Resident Evil 4, featuring Leon Kennedy exploring a castle.

Created by Team Survival, Resident Evil 3.5 Revival is a total conversion & standalone mod that aims to recreate the original experience of the unreleased prototype version of Resident Evil 4. This fan-game is using the Resident Evil 4 Engine, and will combine the castle, hallucinations, and zombies. Furthermore, it will use new custom assets, like textures, animations and models.

Now I don’t know whether Capcom will let Team Survival finish this fan project. After all, Capcom shut down another Resident Evil 3.5 fan game in 2017. So yeah, I guess the team should had kept a low profile until a demo of it was ready.

As you will see, this project is in a really early stage. So, go ahead enjoy this gameplay footage and stay tuned for more!

Source: DSOG


Nov 30, 2012
Looks rough.

I remember holding a flashlight in the old videos and some ghosts?