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Canadian Gaming Deals, Discussion, and Nintendo Item Stock Watch 10


Ok, this next thread should take us through Black Friday and Boxing Day unless Nintendo decides to release something else in that time. If you're looking for limited edition items, it's highly recommended you join our Discord server to set up the appropriate notifications. Most of our members have been able to get SNES Classics, Switches, and whatever other item they need with this setup. This thread is still awesome for normal sales and advice from other Canadians.

For those new to this, we share deals and promos on video games in this thread. However, we do sometimes stray off that topic and into other issues that might affect us all -- most commonly internet and wireless deals. Sometimes pillows and McDonalds deals. In any case, it's a pretty casual thread and we're all just here to save some money! You'll see some of the more common promos that we recommend taking advantage of in the first post.

We like to make it a bit easier to find deals so if you are posting a new deal (rather than discussing an old one or wondering about shipping), please post NEW DEAL in highlights at the beginning of your post like this:

SNES Mini - In Stock

If it's a local deal or you're looking for something, try to say what city! In any case, here's the standard first page stuff using graphics I lost the source files for over 2 4 6 years ago:

GameDealsCanada - Run by our very own No_Style, he posts weekly flyer sales. Follow on Twitter.
Flip - Apparently an official trade-in value calculator for Future Shop and Best Buy
RedFlagDeals - The largest Canadian deals website.
CheapAssGamer - The Canadian sub-forum of the largest video game deals forum.
GameDealsCanada Twitter Feed - No_Style puts pretty much everything in this thread into a Twitter feed for you to follow
GameDealsCanada Facebook Page - If you'd rather follow on Facebook, you can Like No_Stye's page
GamesForCanada - See "purchasing us only items" below​

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The (Un)Official Canada-GAF Approved method is GamesForCanada. goomba478 of CheapAssGamer runs this website which will help you get just about anything - not just games - from the US to Canada. You use the form on his site to tell him what you want, and he orders it for you then ships it to Canada for a small fee. We have all had great experiences with GFC. He also has a forum.

I'm not sure if goomba's around any more. Anyone have some recommendations?

Shoppers Drug Mart
A store you wouldn't think sells games but does. The deals to be had are using their Shoppers Drug Mart Optimum Program. You can earn and redeem Optimum points for almost everything, which includes games, systems, and accessories, but not pre-paid cards. Normally you only earn 10 points per dollar spent (not including taxes). There are redemption levels that run from 8000 points for $10 to 95000 points for $170 of merchandise (you still have to pay the taxes).

20x Events
You need to make a purchase of $50 before tax, but you earn 200 points per dollar.

18500 (or 15000) Bonus Point Events
You need to make a purchase of $75 before tax, but you earn your regular 10 points per dollar plus the bonus points.

Bonus Redemption Events
Generally these events are 50000 points for $100 or 95000 points for $200 of merchandise.

Super Redemption Events
These have redemptions such as 40000 points for $90, 50000 for $125, 80000 for $200, or 95000 for $250 of merchandise.​

Pales in comparison to its US brother, but they match most sales and promotions. You can sometimes get lucky with random price drops that will stack with E3 promotions but their shipping is awful. You will not receive your game on Day 1 so if that's important to you don't bother. Prime now offers only 10% off pre-orders.

Best Buy
The only trade-in alternative (chain-wise) to EB. Don't trade in games there. But hey, Reward Zone points, right? They are the other option from Amazon for pre-order deals. E3 and, in 2015, Black Friday offered 30% off all pre-orders. Recently their promos have been significantly worse. You'll get the game Day 1 in most cases if you're in a major city but their order management on the web leaves much to be desired.

The Source
Clearance games can drop to under $5. Website ships to store for free. Their eBay site has decent stuff.

Games are exclusive to their website. Free shipping to stores but it's very slow. Sometimes has coupon sales that also apply to consoles.

EB Games
There is no price matching or protection here so be wary of purchasing anything at full price unless you have to. Their trade-in promos in the last year have been solid around console launches. Don't trade in games if there's no promo.

They sell games on their website, but seem to have abandoned it at the store-level.

May find occasional bargain bin steals. No Sales Tax on some weekends makes it a good place to pick up consoles.

During E3, both Amazon and Best Buy usually have pre-order deals on all the games announced at the show. You aren't charged until they ship and can cancel at any time so it's a good idea to pre-order! These range from 30% off to $20 off each title. Check this thread at E3! At this point it's the only time people buy games.

Black Friday
Black Friday and Boxing Day have similar deals and it's usually a chunk off popular games from major publishers in the year. It's not something really worth waiting for.

Boxing Day
It's basically online shopping on Christmas Eve now.

True Fire

Spoiler Alert: nobody gets an SNES Classic and Amazon turns their 10% discount for Prime members into a 10% tax for Prime members.


This is Thread #10 and Year #10 as well so just wanted to say this is my favourite sub-community on GAF. Let's keep this place helpful, drama-free, inclusive, and friendly! Thanks for making this thread something I don't regret checking every day.


Fun fact...

when OT8 kicked off the Canadian dollar was at 0.745607 US. (11-16-2016, 02:40 AM)
Today it's at 0.74764 US. ((03-25-2017, 06:30 PM)

We're pretty much back where we started. How appropriate!
Its 0.80156 today! Looking forward to OTXI


Ain't no one going to punch him in the head. We're Canadian.

We'll give a lightly moderately kind worded letter of protest.


Hey guys, it's totally possible that before the end of this thread, we'll reach price parity with the US right...? right...?

Lie to me.


Hey guys, it's totally possible that before the end of this thread, we'll reach price parity with the US right...? right...?

Lie to me.

Not only will we reach parity, we'll surpass it and our dollar will be worth $2 USD. We'll have $30 games, Nintendo will have unlimited preorders for their Mini N64 launching next year, and we'll get BB GCU membership. Tsilon will also make a comeback.
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