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AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution may launch in spring


Actually, that's exactly what it says. What else can the statement "only one sentence is true" mean, when there are two sentences below that statement...?

And note that one of the sentences is that it does NOT feature FSR... So if we assume that only one sentence can be true, this means;

Testosterone: true -> No FSR: false = Testosterone + FSR
No FSR: true -> Testosterone: false = No FSR + No testosterone
You're right, I confused myself.
How could FSR "come in a driver" if FSR isn't driver-enforceable?

It's a tech that will be enabled in a number of games coming out in the future, as it becomes part of FidelityFX. "Launching FSR" in a driver would be just a marketing move.
It would have come along with game integration ofc, as part of the driver launch.


No worries. We all make mistakes.

It looks like we got nothing lol.
I wouldn't say that, it's been great for me in CP2077, much better performance (esp consistency of frametimes) with all RT on. I also like their greater focus on AMD Link and the like, I'm all in favor of streaming on mobile instead of buying a switch. The PC is on all time anyway.
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