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Amazon Games Will Publish Crystal Dynamics' Next Tomb Raider Game


MS should have bought these IPs, including Thief, Deus Ex, etc.

The $300MM (somewhere in that range) price could have probably been found in the couch cushions over in the Redmond campus.

They very likely did want to buy them. But with the Activision deal still waiting on approval, going around and snapping up a bunch of other stuff doesn't look great to the regulators.


Oh well that sucks hardcore.

Never seen this on any 3rd party game, i've seen stuffs like some bonus like in Red Dead Online (that you can unlock anyway by playing the game), but never encountered locked content behind Amazone prime.

They offer outfits for Fall Guys, CoD, Battlefield, Dead By Daylight, PUBG, and some other games. Items in Theme Hospital. I don’t play most of the games, so I just assumed they were Prime exclusive items.
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