AC Valhalla - it's finally over! (Full Spoilers)


  • 30 hours condensed awesome >>>> 100 hours of slog. Enough of games wasting my time because people want to "get their money worth". It's a videogame - you get your money worth in entertainment not in hours. I will not play Valhalla again. I will come back for DLC, but this is a game which will never ever be re-played. Just like Odyssey before – 100 hours of padding and shit side-questing while waiting for story bits to drop with glacial pacing is abhorrent game design. And what purpose does it even serve? I’m not sure how much Ubi makes on mcirotransactions for AC but I doubt people would buy more cosmetics and resources just because they have to spend more time in the game. Nothing in the store can even help making the game shorter this time, I was way overleveled by mid-game with just minor side-questing. Ubisoft’s own Watch Dogs Legion and Fenix Rising may not be as huge as AC but their 20-30 hour story is much more memorable, digestible and doesn’t outstay its welcome by much. Having AC entries become a 100-hour slog with not enough gameplay to support such length is stupid. I’d much rather replay AC2 or ME2 or even Origins (even purchase remaster) than ever touch Odyssey or Valhalla in a few years. I won’t even recommend the last 2 because they are simply too long and there are better ways to spend a 100 hours gaming.

This right here! I'm no longer a child with unlimited disposable time to play games. If the main quest is good i'll come back and pick at the side content, but I just don't have time for constant 60-100 hour games. I start losing interest around 30.


Im basically out of the Ubisoft library, outside Fenyx, until they understand not every game has to be AC. They shold just be making MMOs at this point. The stories suck, worlds are huge, and combat is the same.
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