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3D Sonic games have always been bad

3D Sonic games are bad

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Lol that looks horrible.
the point is that its not on rails and just pressing A. There is platforming with branching paths. Sonic has several mechanics and there is definitely a higher skill cap then you give it credit for, especially if you go after high rankings. Just pressing A is something you could try in the first one or two levels in Generations. I'll say though that Forces oversimplified and automated the mechanics to a point were Sonic makes small turns for you. The level design is far weaker too. Generations however is the most consistent and polished 3D-Sonic there is and honestly, quite fun to play at 60 FPS.
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They took Sonic in the wrong direction by giving it a shonen type story with an expanding cast of side characters and melodramatic plotlines. I loved Mania for feeling like it came out of a 1996 time capsule when Sonic was just as simple as every other platformer.
ironically i like the shonen type stuff because i think it just gives sonic's world more depth and edge over that of say, Mario or other mascot platformers of the era, and the cast atleast were all unique and likable too.
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The core momentum of Sonic Utopia seems like the right way to approach things. Wider momentum-based segments maybe interrupted with theatrical on-rails moments.
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