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Drama Community Cringe Xbots who tried Dualsense™ impressions

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Dec 25, 2019
Prague, Czech Republic
I had a way to my parents/brother house today and he somewhat snagged PS5, so I obviously tried his new gaming machine and few things:

PS5 is even more ugly in person and it's really fucking big, pictures really does not give it a justice. But yeah it's cool and silent, so design is great, because this is what ultimately matters, at least for me who are putting shit inside cabinet.

Seems like in Czech, even with PS+ those cards like was touted in that UI video presentation does not work. I did not try it, but I was informed it. So if it's like some regional thing, it's bullshit.

But most importantly. Dualsense. That haptics on that thing is amazing! Played like a half an hour of Astrodude/Sackboy, felt great a legitimately elevated the experience. Also even before that, I obviously watched how it wroks inside and I feel doing haptics with sound (like haptics is driven by sound and trasnportated to rumbe pack which is just more magnet and less membrane speaker). And truly, this is full on amazing.

Haptics are different than rumble, however it feels much more tight, much more premium than rumble. However it's not that strong, at least in the games I tried that.

For first time ever, PS controller has nice ergonomic shape, nicely big, fits greatly in the hand. Good surface polish, feels premium.

What I am not too hot on are those triggers(L2/R2), firstly, the shape is nowhere near the greatness XB controller triggers. And secondly, played Cod: CW, it just felt weird and shooting for someone and getting some resistive sesation from triggers, which is different to any game. To be honest, it's pretty inoffensive with Astrodude, but with shooting shit, just no. Thankfully you can turn that off.

So yeah, I am contemplating where to get PS5 and I probably wait till some Slim/Pro version. But this is amazing addition for players.
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