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Worst open world game of all time


Open world games seems to be hottest trend in video games for a long time now. There has been a lot of good ones and really bad ones. In your opinion what was the worst open world game you have ever played. Not only in terms of it being buggy or broken, but also if the game itself is mind numbingly boring. Imo AC Unity is by far the worst open world game I have ever played. The map was so filled with clutter, main story was bad and cliche, side stories were hit and miss, characters were uninspired, and gameplay was clunky. It just felt so boring. I know it's not the worst game of all time but it's definitely the one I hated the most. There are even worse games like Raven's Cry that are broken but I never played it, and atleast some people had a fun time exploiting glitches.
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Worst one I played was Far Cry 2, I know that game has a cult following but I didn't like the constantly respawning enemies at checkpoints and I just overall didn't find the environment very interesting.
Malaria, guns jamming...the fires were kind of cool, though.

Body Harvest was open world, right?
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Does Virtual Hydlide on the Saturn count as open world? Man that game was atrocious. Running around a map with 2 metres drawn distance fighting against pixellated sprite enemies. Gives me nightmares just thinking about it!


Driver 2 or Driver 3 as they literally had nothing in them.

From a more modern stand point - FFXV. It didnt feel very open despite being open world and again, there was little to do in any of it barring fishing. I think because the car had to stick to the road (for most of the game) it hindered in its design.


I'm sure that I've played some turds that I'm forgetting and I agree with some answer given here but my answer goes to almost everything that Avalanche Studios touches, especially their main series, Just Cause. They're games that are fun for one hour or two then it's just repetitive. Shitty story, unimaginative side quests, no reason to use certain vehicles/weapons as soon as you get something good, etc.


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Watch Dogs Legion gets my vote. Here's a brand new open world game with all that Ubisoft money behind it that is about as dull and lifeless an open world game that I have ever played. They just threw the Watch Dogs formula in and said to hell with story or characters. It is open world game that exists for its own sake entirely. Huge disappointment from a guy who actually enjoyed the first two games.


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Driver 3 and True Crime: Streets of LA are some of the worst open world games. There's literally nothing to do in either.
That reminds me of True Crime: Streets of NY or whatever it may have been called. Great radio, and introduced me to Big Pun, but enemies shooting me through walls killed the fun. Don’t remember much about the world, can’t have been that great.


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I can't give you the worst of all time, but I can give you Agents of Mayhem a shit. It a real suck.
The Evil Within 2 was at its best during its linear segments. The open world wasn't as bad as MGS V's, but it sure dragged that game down.

I can barely remember Homefront: The Revolution. I had to quit that one pretty early on.
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There are worse but the worst one I've played is MGSV. What a terrible, terrible game. The world was completely lifeless and empty. Stealth was meaningless as you can easily wipe out an entire camp in seconds. If the guards are alerted to your presence, you can just sprint into the wild for a few minutes and then return as if nothing happened. Snake can see through walls and track every enemy magically. If you're spotted, the game gives you about thirty seconds to slow-mo kill everyone in the vicinity. The mission strucure was dull and repetitive, and every enemy can be fultoned away, thereby removing the need to dispose of their remains.

Damn I hate that crap game.


Obviously there are worse ones but fuck I hated far cry 5. Ubisoft gave up completely in hiding their checkboxes and chores. There is a bar that applies to each region and as you get to certain points of the bar it triggers story missions no matter what u are doing. Talk about sucking any immersion out of a game that otherwise had good graphics and decent gunplay. Tried it twice but it did my head in


FFXV is certainly a contender. What a terrible open world, terrible pacing and terrible mission design. MGSV was also pretty bad, I stopped using it and just went into missions via the menu and heli drops. I think the open world in that game gimped the level design a lot like how some open world racing games tend to gimp course design.
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