What To Know About Watch Dogs: Legion Online


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Watch Dogs: Legion Online has free roam, co-op, and endgame activities--here’s what you should be aware of before playing with friends.

Watch Dogs: Legion Online brings a multiplayer component to Ubisoft's most recent open-world action-adventure game. In the online mode, players can recruit new characters, take on daily and weekly challenges, level their seasonal ranking, find collectibles such as new masks, and generally cause mayhem with friends.

In this video, we talk about our hands-on experience playing free roam, solo and co-op missions, world events, and endgame activities. We talk over which activities are best for casual players versus coordinated teams that will need to be on mic and able to tackle complex mechanics. We also cover some of the difficulty challenges solo players might face with activities requiring simultaneous actions or fail states that kick players back several checkpoints.
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I think the issues with ubi connect, lost saves and the relatievly short time to complete (~30 hours) means this has no legs. Each WD entry seems to have been designed for a different userbase or player. Very schizophrenic series.
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