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What dream games you want too see?

Elder Legend

Jun 10, 2019
With current gen wrapping up, many dream games/myths actually have happened this generation and the trend seems to continue.

Here are a few examples of the "Myth" games we've seen released this gen

Half Life Alyx (Not HL3, but still Half Life)
FF 7 Remake (Was begged for since PS3 tech demo)

Resident Evil 2 Remake (self explanatory)

Shenmue III (Shenmue 2 story was unfinished)

The Last Guardian (Thought to be canned)
DOOM (DOOM 3 was a disappointment for many and id took a big nose dive for a long time)

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro Revival + Crash sequel (many thought platformers were dead and would not sell)

Monster Hunter World (True big dick console Monster Hunter game finally happened after all the wussy ass 3DS and Wii shit, despite them being great games you all knew you wanted a true new gen monster hunter)

Here is what I would like too see in this new upcoming era

Bloodborne 2

Soul Reaver

Dark Cloud 3 or Remake or Reboot

Half Life 1 and 2 fully in VR with Half Life Alyx visuals on Source 2 built from the ground up assets with a follow up to Half Life 3

Silent Hill Reboot

Blizzard Entertainment's Battle Royale either a new IP or StarCraft themed.

Diablo 4 (Already happening)

Demon's Souls Remake (Already happening)

Next mainline StarCraft

Banjo Remake or Reboot

Conker Remake or Reboot or Sequel with Chris Seavur

What would you like to see fellas?
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THE Prey 2 fanatic
Aug 13, 2017
The Bowery, Exodus

Half-Life 2: Episode Three or HL3 would be nice too.
Dragon's Dogma II pls
Maybe I'll finally get that Assassin's Creed set in the wild west, or ancient Rome.
Heyyy, STALKER 2's finally happening.

... we're probably not getting a Sleeping Dogs 2 set in Kowloon during the '80s, in which the player can explore the Walled City of Kowloon, are we?


Sep 21, 2018
My dream game is Starfield.

I love Bethesda's worlds they create, I love really diving into open worlds, and I am a huge sci-fi fan. This game was custom made for me, so hopefully it's something special.


Nintendo is for soys and kids. But my tears about them are for men.
Jun 10, 2020
I think my dream is simple enough: I want all FPS and cockpit games in VR.

consoles are reportedly running Destiny 2 and Dirt 5 in 4K 120fps, so there's no technical impediment. Just put the camera in my head and the gun in my hand and it's ready to go.


Sep 26, 2019
I have too many I know

MGS Solid Snake chronicles ( A prime Solid Snake doing missions around the world and a good long area like Shadow Moses too)
MGS: The boss ( saw someone mention it )

Shen Mue 4
Jet Set Radio sequel
Sonic Adventure 3 ( with me in charge of development lol )

Final Fantasy 6 remake / 8 and 9 too
Chrono Trigger remake
Earth Bound 3 and remakes

Zelda Ocarina of time + Majoras Mask in breath of the wild engine

Onimusha 5
Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake with fixes and no stalker MR X style enemy

Megaman Legends 3
A Dark Vanquish/Gears/MetroidPrime inspired 3D Megaman game

Marvel Vs DC Vs Capcom
Capcom vs SNK 3 ( saw it posted and yes )
Street Fighter Alpha 4

Guardian Heroes 2
Panzer Dragoon Saga remake and sequel
Shining Force 3 part 1,2 & 3 remade and Shining Force 4

Suikoden 1 and 2 remake
CastleVania Symphony of the Night 2

Return of Shinobi - A Sequel to the classic genesis/Megadrive Shinobi games or the 3d PS2

Bloodbourne 2
Uncharted 5 ( open world, travel and do missions around the globe )

Kingdoms of Amalur 2
Game of Thrones with Miyazaki in charge and Sekiro style combat

Anything from the studio that made Stick it to the man and Flipping Death
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Jul 28, 2017
Just because I'm replaying the original now, I would love a sequel to The Movies on PC. Nothing else like it and that game had so much potential for fun and creativity.
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Jan 15, 2020
Ultra grounded next-gen dark sci-fi cyber ninja game set in the world of Ghost in the Shell. With realistic stealth, infiltration and semi open world missions, deep model damage mechanics, one-hit kill, physics-based, systemic weapon and gadget motion matching animation, high risk & reward, combat. Made by Naughty Dog.

or PT becoming an actual game.


Nov 6, 2018


May 31, 2020
A low skill floor, highly polished, big budget advancement on the DayZ concept.

I want Naughty Dog to look at DayZ and say "We can take this concept and bring it to a mass audience on the PS5".

A 1,000 person Battle Royale that's more Chess than Quake.
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Sep 20, 2018
And if we are talking just made up games:

I want a cross country, real timel traffic stats from google, real time cops from waze, real weather etc etc race (Cannonball run but with different challenges (east west, north south, different countries (Canada!) etc etc) with real damage, fuel usage etc etc. And if i stop at a 7-11 in game for gas it automatically orders Taquitos and a Big Gulp to be delivered to my home while playing. There is ZERO reason this cant exist :p
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Jun 12, 2018
Prey 2
More Deus Ex (Lots more)
Elder Scrolls 6
Halo Infinite with good graphics and Art direction
BotW 2
A Halo RPG
New Tomb Raider Trilogy
Gears 6
Hellblade that looks as good or close to the teaser we've seen
Fallout 5 developed by BGS, InXile & Obsidian


Oct 3, 2020
-Shadowrun tps/fps/rpg from InXile or Obsidian
-Space Opera rpg from CDProjekt Red. Finally someone making an alternative to Mass Effect. I've replayed that series so many times...someone have mercy.
-Flying Cars open world game in the vein of The 5th Element. Basically cyberpunk GTA with flying cars in a sprawling city.
-Third Deus Ex with Adam Jensen making the bridge with the first Deus Ex, which will get a remake after, and will be respectful of the original game
-New SW Kotor game from Bioware

Bonus: Dishonored 3 in Tyvia (snowy zone), Prey 2 in the vein of the original showing with Roundhouse Studios (ex-Human Head) working on it.
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Apr 9, 2020
Metal Gear Remake
Final Fantasy Musou
Midnight Club return
Burnout return
Sekiro sequel or spiritual successor
A Smash Ultimate update that actually fixes that trash game
Another DJmax would be cool
TDU 3 actually being good
nfs Underground 3 with responsive handling

Joe T.

Oct 3, 2004
Montreal, Quebec
FFXI Remake to sum it up. Basically 75 cap era Final Fantasy XI on steroids with some of the "quality of life" changes/improvements introduced later in its market life.

A new MMORPG in the old school format of grueling level progression that's accessible/engaging for everyone, features a wealth of content for players at all skill levels and focuses primarily on "overworld" content as opposed to instanced battlefields. Beef up enemy/environment interactions with improved lighting and physics for sight/sound/smell detection to make the world feel alive and give players a variety of options on how to navigate it. I want those massive communities with 10,000+ simultaneous online players (real, not automated) that incentivize social interaction back.
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Jun 11, 2018
A revival of the Konami IPs: a new good Metal Gear, Silent Hill and Castlevania (a modern one, not another recycled metroidvania). Also a reboot of Parasite Eve, a new Mega Man X, a Mega Man Legends and most importantly, Bloodborne 2.

Edit: Khalid M. Khalid M. has the right idea. A new Vagrant Story would be incredible and would probably translate well to modern gaming. Final Fantasy Tactics maybe not so much, but it'd still be nice to see a new one and Xenogears is probably the definition of a dream, as I don't think there's a single change to ever see it but I'd love to have another game in the series. Xenosaga tried but wasn't as good.
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Troll. Ignore my threads and posts. I won't be here long.
Sep 15, 2020
I've been secretly hoping Microsoft would do something crazy like buy one of the older IPS - IE: Altered Beast - and give it the Kratos/TLOU2/Hellblade 2 treatment - meaning a stride towards photorealism and narrative driven story along side excellent gameplay. Actually making an excellent game out of this franchise.

And I have hoped the same would happen for Battletoad's. A completely photorealistic stride for Battletoad's in 3rd person over the shoulder with an emphasis on story/Immersion - something like the newer Batman games achieved.

And then I'd like one studio to merge alllll their games together and offer it up like a massive MMO - except it's not an MMO at all they just need the income to keep updating the game cuz it's like - the penultimate VR universe with all your favorite character's, game types and art styles. That one needs to happen.

Also, just a mind bogglingly photorealistic attempt at a new franchise. Something that retains immersion the entire time you play.

And ton's of wild new SCI - FI/Fantasy FPS RPG's. Tons more. That are of the caliber of the latest Elder Scrolls minimum.

Would make me happy.
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