What do you think will be the most “innovative” and “next-gen” feeling game released next year?

What game do you think will be the stand out innovative title as far as AAA games go next year?

  • Forspoken

  • Starfield

  • Redfall

  • The Finals

  • Baldurs Gate 3

  • Forza Motorosport

  • Final Fantatsy XVI

  • Suicide Squad

  • Pragmata

  • Dead Space

  • Spider-Man 2

  • Horizon Call of The Mountain

  • Arc Raiders


  • Jedi Survivor

  • Stellar Blade

  • Ark 2

  • Zelda Tears of The Kingdom

  • Wild Hearts

  • Alan Wake 2

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Even at 30fps 720p?
Yes. Some of the most unique and innovative games I’ve played didn’t have the best frame rates and visuals. Of course I prefer better graphics and frame rates, but I’ll try practically anything despite its technical limitations. Bayonetta 3 for example imo was amazing and GOTY material even though it doesn’t look as good as current generation game.
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I don't think any of them will be particularly innovative or feel "next gen". Maybe TLOU Factions as Naughty Dog have said they are trying to capture the cinematic feeling of their games in a multiplayer environment which is something that hasn't really been done before.

The sad part is that Zelda on some super dated mobile hardware is probably going to have more creative and innovative mechanics than most Ps5/SX games.
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Apart from a couple of games that look kinda cool, everything looks like shit.
The most fun I've had this year was playing Tunic and I'm currently going through Signalis. Superb stuff.
I'm just waiting for Silksong to release.


I don't know if it will be innovative but I think Final Fantasy XVI will be something special, it's the closest we are getting to a Devil May Cry RPG and I don't see enough hype for the game's combat.


I think Arc Raiders will be one of the more innovative ones and probably one with excellent replay value. The gameplay looks great and I hope it stays true to that leading up to release.

I'm surprised by the Spider-Man votes. In terms of innovative I don't think there's much that you can with Spidey. It's going to be web slinging and fights. What else is there to it? I can imagine it having that 'next-gen' feeling though 100%


Just going on comments from someone I know who has seen Spiderman, im gonna go with Spiderman. Hard to know for sure without seeing or playing it myself, but the attention to detail from the rather limited info I was told sounds pretty bonkers. Its also a native ps5 game, very few others on that list are, and is the only Sony first party non VR title on there, so will be able to better utilise the tech.

After that? I recon suicide squad could be pretty impressive.

Maybe pragmata after that, but we know so little about it.


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Starfield, the Horizon VR game and Spiderman 2. Spiderman 2 will push visuals if nothing else and Starfield is very ambitious with all the planets. Should have voted "The Finals" too since that game is using a lot of destruction while being an online mutliplayer shooter.
A lot of the other games on that list while i'm excited for don't seem very next gen or innovative, Forza especially gets me because the visuals look amazing but the gameplay isn't that much different from what we've seen. Maybe that will change once i get to play it, though


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I don't think any of them will be particularly innovative or feel "next gen". Maybe TLOU Factions as Naughty Dog have said they are trying to capture the cinematic feeling of their games in a multiplayer environment which is something that hasn't really been done before.

The sad part is that Zelda on some super dated mobile hardware is probably going to have more creative and innovative mechanics than most Ps5/SX games.
Yeah none.

And yes Zelda will feel better because they are the only ones attempting physics based interaction in their games that insomniac simply doesnt have the talent or ambition to attempt.
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Definitely not Zelda on the decrepit Switch.

As an aside, I really do hope developers bin the PS4 and Xone soon. It’s just holding back potentially impressive games.
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From the list, none.

Not surprised that the Michael Bay-like blockbuster Spider-Man 2 is leading the poll. Everyone’s conditioned by Marvel brainwashing. That game will be less innovative than a 10 dollar title on humble bundle.


Spider-Man 2 and Forza Motorsport for the graphics, and I hope Starfield for the "innovation"/gameplay.


Why does Spider-Man 2 have the most votes? What will be innovative about that game? Lol

Its either Zelda or Starfield. Whichever delivers more
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Technically Spider Man 2 for sure - but it will be ”safe” and no crazy shit like amazing physics or next gen mission design etc

Best Innovative usage of tech could be Alan Wake 2. Remedy has great tech and uses it in innovative ways

Gameplay next gen will probably be Zelda Tears - because Nintendo. Possibly Starfield if it is not just Nasa Skyrim
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Innovative? None. None of those games will create anything new outside of bigger scale or better graphics than we have already.

Starfield modding community will be impressive though.

Why does Spider-Man 2 have the most votes?
Take a guess :ROFLMAO:
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I like these moments but I hate it at the same time cause it makes older games look s , I still like them and will stick to them no matter what. Starfield is the closest but looking from a fallout perspective, sacrificing its look for building a bigger more complex world with infinite amount of possibilities like better and more complex animation , it's just inevitable that it will cost them that much and there's nothing wrong with that cause it's something new and big.
Probably none of these listed - the only one I can think of is maybe the factions thing by naughty dog will do something new


pretty sure it wont be starfield, what they showed already has all the downsides of their archaic engine.

zelda will be heavily kneecapped by the hardware as well.

probably spiderman, forza and alan wake going by the list.


Given what insomniac has done in their history, and how basic spiderman was, I wouldn't be too shocked if it did turn out to be way more than graphics. Haven't seen a lick of that tho so best to assume they are gonna play it safe.

I HOPE Zelda is able to take this crown from vr titles. I'm counting on it being more than botw but I'm not expecting them to outdo it in such a way that it can beat VR.

Walking dead 2 or horizon VR most likely. The first walking dead was described as a poor man's alyx (in terms of general sophistication among ve games) but didn't get much attention out of vr circles.

We've seen so little of horizon. It could be anything from some shallow game made to blow your head off with graphics or something actually innovative. The climbing didn't give much confidence but the fighting did. I don't know what else you can do, how tight the non-open world design is, any nuances of the gameplay we've seen, and stuff like that. It's a wildcard.
OP, your list is nothing but safe AAA formulaic tr...games.

The correct answer will ultimately prove to be Everywhere or Ark 2.


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  • Makes good usage of SSD within the game mechanics
  • Makes good use of ray tracing
  • Makes good use of a next gen only console specific hardware feature (dualsense, quick resume, etc.)

Brings something entirely new or unique gameplay wise that could be done on ps4/xbox one even if its not a huge part of the game (rift apart, flight sim)

Serious question. Why is Zelda on the list of options? It's a Switch game.


Atomic Heart, Zelda, Stalker 2 and Starfield has the biggest chances.

TLOU Factions 2 could be also, but who knows what that's even going to be like.

yes everyone has been conditioned and brainwashed by good gameplay and good graphics. Don't let the quality video games take over your mind, fight against them!!
Its a superhero game, OG Spiderman 2 had better web physics. Both are fun though.
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Spider-Man… innovative? The first game was literally Batman combat, Ubisoft open world mechanics, and web slinging. The exact opposite of innovative. If the OP removed the “innovative” part of the poll, those options make a lot of sense. Otherwise they’re mostly sequels that seem super safe. I see Starfield is in second place, same thing there. What’s innovative?

I voted Zelda, because it’s Nintendo so it’s bound to push the gameplay envelope. And Forza, I’m banking on it doing something new physics/AI wise like Turn10 normally does.


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Its a superhero game, OG Spiderman 2 had better web physics. Both are fun though.
i understand but saying 'marvel brainwashing' is such a silly statement, most people here hate the recent marvel movies. We just know good video games when we see them.

Spiderman 2 is gonna be next gen as fuck because Insomniac have demonstrated through Miles Morales that they can make really good Raytracing. The sequel is going to be fully next gen exclusive, no cross gen bs tying them up. This also means the web swinging physics could be better as they won't be limited by the PS4's slow as shit CPU and HDD.


Loading screen starfield every planet jump ain't it Chief. Honestly of the list I'd go The finals because you can toppled a building in such a way you get stuck under the rubble and have to goo gun your way out. The destruction is great. Yes teardown does it all better but for a multiplayer game it's the most innovation we'll get for a while.


In regards to innovation:
None of the games in the poll, really IMO.
I voted for Horizon Call of the Mountain because at least it will be the first of its kind(i.e a AAA first person VR game) on console.
It’s possible we’ll see some innovative unannounced games.
If Zelda ends up being the most "next gen" game, it will be a complete invalidation of the PS5/XS up to this point.
I disagree. Hardware does not dictate game engineering. Hardware engineers are not software engineers and vice versa. Also, what is next gen? Is it physics and possibility or is it motion capture and graphical fidelity?
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