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What Difficulty You Playing Halo Infinite First Time?

What Difficulty Are You Playing on First Time in Halo Infinite?

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Shit, I just realised this is the first Halo where Co Op isn't on launch, not as if I have any friends to play through Legendary with, so Heroic I guess


Throwing my vote in for normal. After getting stuck replaying the games last year on heroic I turned it down to normal still in the first game I believe and even then I can recall spots in each game where I had to reload a lot. If it is a blast there's a chance I'll go back on higher difficulty to try out new things plus the co-op being delayed means more ammo for that being on a higher difficulty since people will have some time under their belt presumably.
Have always done Heroic but I wonder if Staten’s comments about the game being balanced for Normal means it will be a harder base difficulty?


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I always find heroic to be the go to choice unless your playing coop then legendary.

This games designed differently though so will need to see.


Normal and then Legendary Heroic if my attention sticked. I will always prefer the mode Developer intended people to play most.

343 is balancing everything for Normal so 1st playthrough will be same.
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With comments the other day from 343 informing us that the game will be "balanced against normal difficulty" for the first time in the series I am now unsure. What made Halo something special was that in the higher difficulties the AI became "smarter" too. Groups of enemies would more effectively work together to take you down. It wasn't just that enemies had larger health pools like most other games. Bungie always said that the Halo games were meant to be played on Heroic difficulty and were balanced accordingly. This always shone through for incredibly challenging and rewarding gameplay.

If I'm not mistaken (and I may be) wasn't Legendary difficulty not available until you had completed the game first in a lower difficulty? I think that may have been the way it used to work in the Bungie days. Regardless if I am remembering correctly, I always play on Heroic difficulty first and typically followed up with a Legendary coop run with my friends. I have solo completed CE, 2, 3, Reach at Legendary. Didn't bother with ODST and was so pissed with the retcon and coop cut in Halo 4 that I stopped even bothering.
When I'm given the option, I always play a game on the hardest difficulty. Makes the game last longer.
Yep. If I really dig the game then hardest difficulty is on. Shame TW3 was too easy. Hoping they rebalance that in remaster to make it more challenging.


My first playthrough is always on Heroic and I'll soak up the story. After my first run, it will be Legendary and I'll go after skulls and achievements. Then it's on to Easy for all the speed running/par time achievements. Then finally a LASO run. It might all change though, since Infinite is open world.


I remember when I first played Halo CE back in the OG Xbox days. First finished game on normal dificalty in about 10 hours play time.
First level on legendary took me 2 hours....second level 4 hours, but worst levels where Library & Truth and Reconciliation.....if you don't play with right weapons , fast reflexes & sharp tactics this levels are almost imposibel to finish.
In the end took me about 40+ hours to finish my first playtru legendary difficalty.


in my experience halo breaks at legendary unless you're playing co-op. I've nobody to play co-op with. So I'm heroic.


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For infinite they changed the focus and built the game for normal. Then tweaked it for the other dificulties. As opposed to older halos where they developed it in heroic as a base.
“Traditionally, Halo’s always been developed on the Heroic difficulty, and we did the same thing for 4 and 5,” he explained.

“So usually we look at Heroic, we’re tuning everything here, everything is scaled down a little bit for Normal and Easy and then scaled up a little bit for Legendary. This time, we spent much more time on the Normal difficulty, expecting new players to come in."
They spent more time tuning the normal mode for new players, does not mean I am going to play in Normal mode. There are people who play it in Legendary, and here is Forge Labs enjoying the Legendary mode

I will stay with heroic because thats what I prefer.


Probably normal, I started halo reach on heroic and i am having hard time, especially when driving, i am getting wrecked.


They spent more time tuning the normal mode for new players, does not mean I am going to play in Normal mode. There are people who play it in Legendary, and here is Forge Labs enjoying the Legendary mode

I will stay with heroic because thats what I prefer.
I think I will do normal, heroic and legendary.
If I get bored in normal, I may change to heroic.
I kinda wanna do all of them at once. Can we change difficulty mid game and replay missions?


Easiest mode , blast through it as quickly as possible maybe skipping as many cut scenes apart from the last one to come online and post spoilers and moan that it’s rubbish and doesn’t make sense.
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