FalseEyeD livestreams are really interesting. The green haired guy from VOMS projects earned $4000 in his first month. Kson earned 15M yen (~$130k last month).

There will be a Korone game coming out on steam called "Evil God Korone":
It's quite obviously a Tsugonohi game, but it's not part of the label and not published by PLAYISM (which uninvited Kson after receiving a letter from China), interesting.
I don't really like people drinking alcohol, so I usually avoid these streams.

The Kawaii 5 debuts are out, will watch them today.

In the meantime Nene reached 50000 subscribers. That's incredible accomplishment if you compare the numbers within the same generation:

Nene - 50000
Isla - 24800
Charzu - 21600
Reina - 16600
(Gen 2 is all at around 1100 subscribers after debut.)

She is basically at Gura levels, being more than double as high as the second place.
Lol just watched the Aruka's Debut and she is totally a FalseEyeD fan. She called Minecraft "Blocc Game" and said "Blocc Game Good". (For reference: "Blocc Game Bad" is something False introduced to express his hate that all Vtubers play this game most of the time.)
Watched all debuts now. No real super unique one among them. Pretty much all except Lua had very similar interests and nobody went crazy. Lua was the most unique, she has a clear focus on music, sang two great songs. I also like her personality. Not really share the same interesting anime and games though. The others mostly like horror and indie they said, which are my favorite genres to watch, but will need to wait and see if any of them are fun watching. Aruka was super shy and nervous but also cute. Namiji was my second most favorite by sympathy. Neena is not really my type. Shee gets some sympathy points too but I just didn't "feel it".

Since none really stand out for me I will simply observe the streaming times. I really like Charzu after all, but because she always streams 4am my time, I can never watch her live so she eventually lost me. In the end Nene completely won me over because she has really good streaming times for Europe, she does the most effective ASMR for me of all and her personality makes me feel really happy and loved. I don't think any of Gen 2 can be a challenge for Nene to be honest.

And I have my favorites already (Ebi, Kurama, Nene, Uehasu), so it requires something really special for me to switch.

Might also depend on game choice. Like three of them listed indie games as their favorite genre, but I rarely find Vtubers who really play indie games nobody ever heard of before (only Padko from Taiwan really went through with only playing those almost exclusively).

Of course Kawaii productions is unlikely to bring in someone really unique as they are pretty close to a real idol company (Vtubers are not allowed to have any public male contacts), so they probably wouldn't hire anyone who wants to go real crazy.

For me small size has become a really big plus, though. I can barely still watch Hololive or Nijisanji because I'm so used to actually be able to talk with the smaller Vtubers that I really miss that with anybody bigger. Haven't even watched Korone in ages. For HL and Nijisanji I mostly went to watch clips only. Since Kawaii Vtubers are still relatively small (even Nene can still keep good track of her chat), there is definitely some benefit from that. So let's see what future streams are like.
Aruru is cute but too normie as she said herself. Joined a bit in on the Marshmallow chat. Actually I like her but I don't think she'll produce content I'd enjoy.

Evil God Korone is out today.
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