I swear Polka watches more Holo EN than I do, how did she find out about the Bitch Wood prank Gura pulled... I got to give her credit for keeping up
all these girls are trying to get more subs and no one has been working harder than Polka

I just found some interesting Petra streams.

She didn't last very long (there's a second part where swearing is allowed; note: she has a phobia of being followed):

The Witch's House:
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Anyone tried Millie's ASMR yet? She talks so insanely fast even when she whispers, I can't get sleepy at all lol. Going by the comments some people like her aggressive style though.
It seems like on EN every other stream becomes a collab even when it was meant to be a solo stream

I would watch this but I don't think it would hit as hard as Gura x Ame or even Kiara x Calli

but here it is

I just don't know these girls as well and their relationship is still very new for the ending to impact them or me.
Edit: They don't have the game now trying to play Block game. And Ollie joins because they are trying to play Apex first

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Kson Undertale Part 3 Today:

Kurama playing Subnautica for first time right now:

Also the second Nachoneko Duolingo stream is so cute. She didn't sleep much and the whole stream is just her yawning and her screaming in a really cute way:

I really love Ebi's talk streams:

The past view streams made me realize that Vtubers really recognize the people in chat, at least the smaller ones. Many said they notice when someone is not coming anymore. Ebi also recognized me in that stream even though I never even superchatted or joined membership.

I started saying hi whenever I watch part of a livestream because of that, just so the vtuber knows I'm still around and didn't leave them.
youtube being stupid again
Not a vtuber channel, but Mono Black Magic analyzed his videos a bit before on what causes Youtube to do this lately:

It's kinda hilarious.

Seems easiest way to find out is to auto-generate subtitles, download the script and then scan that for profanity or whatever it claims is in the video.

More on-topic, Enna clips are still as amazing as ever:

Might have linked that one before:


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Ah yeah I forgot that cursing can get you in trouble on YouTube


YouTube: Wet Ass Pussy is fine

YouTuber: FAQ U



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this concert looks awesome

edit: ah crap there's no VOD

It was the Kizuna AI Fireworks Concert
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Sana is not showing a POV yet I wonder if she will show up at all. I honestly see this as weak, yeah your pet died but you have to firnd the urge to continue to live your life. Maybve she needs a month off.

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