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VERGE: Microsoft reveals Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan and pricing. Piloting in Ireland/Columbia (€21.99 Ireland, 49,900 COP Columbia,~$25USD)

After a leak revealed Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family branding over the weekend, Microsoft has gone official with its new plan and revealed its pricing in Ireland and Colombia. The new subscription will allow Xbox Game Pass members to share with up to four other friends or family members at €21.99 per month in Ireland, and 49,900 COP in Colombia.

Microsoft isn’t restricting this new Game Pass plan to just family members, and the only restriction is that people who are added to the Friends & Family plan need to be in the same country. Microsoft is currently testing this new Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family plan in Ireland and Colombia, with pricing at €21.99 per month instead of the regular €12.99 per month for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. That works out to less than €5 per month per person to share all the usual Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits.

“Currently we are piloting this plan in Colombia and the Republic of Ireland. Future countries / regions might be added in the next months,” says Microsoft in a FAQ. Microsoft hasn’t announced pricing for the rest of Europe, the UK, or the US yet, but it’s likely to be around $25 per month for Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family in the US.

Switching to the plan does mean adjusting the time remaining on your previous plan, and Microsoft will perform a conversion to the Friends & Family plan:
  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass Ultimate = 18 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days Xbox Game Pass (Console) = 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days PC Game Pass = 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days Xbox Live Gold = 12 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
  • 30 days EA Play = 6 days Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family
Microsoft currently offers Xbox Game Pass or PC Game Pass for $9.99 per month. Neither subscription includes online multiplayer capabilities, but you can upgrade to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $14.99 and this unlocks Game Pass for console, PC, EA Play access, and Xbox Live Gold online multiplayer.
Xbox Game Pass Friends & Family will include all the same Xbox Game Pass Ultimate benefits for four other friends or family members. That’s five people in total, and it also includes access to Xbox Cloud Gaming, Xbox Live, and even the PC Game Pass versions of games.



Why they wouldn't pilot this in the US is anyone's guess but it's been confirmed.

TheVerge believes it will be $25 month when the program reached the US, but considering the Euro is near equal to USD right now, it should be the same $21 a month. In anycase I find it strange they aren't giving us a time table, they claim it will reach other countries in the coming months, not years, so you would think they would have a road map and time frames for each region.

But to be fair, it's probably not that big of a deal, and they do have to make sure checks are in place to prevent abuse so we'll see how that goes. The conversion from your gamepass plan to the friend and family tier in the above chart does look fair and not overly BS, so i'll give Microsoft points for that. Except the top one, I think Gamepass Ultimate should be worth 20 Friends & Family not 18.
The picture of the wife and husband looks funny now that I look at it. Like another man is in front of the screen showing off making the husband shocked, but the wife is ready. Even has her tongue out licking her lips in the pic.

Microsoft do you vet these images, lol.
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I cry about SonyGaf from my chair in Redmond, WA
Will be sweet when my xbox one x retires and my daughter can get it with split game pass

Win win,although it doesn't sound cheaper than just buying another sub.
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Fucking hell who wouldn't grab this deal with 4 of his friends and all of them pay 30$ after tax combined every month ?????????

Even if I have ZERO interest in the game pass I would still do it. so that I can try and play a few games here and then. that is what ? 6$ a month ???

Yo .. MS is crazy. this is just too good. !
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Wonder if the UK merger and aquisition regulators will be wondering if they have just been slammed with a "checkmate".
Good deal. Too bad I don't have friends and my family hates me.

/jk, I don't think I would find enough people interested in this though. And I already share a Game Pass sub which works out at about the same price.
Allow people to pay their own shares of this plan with their own credit cards, as opposed to making one person pay $300 per year. This would be utterly insane.

Do It Episode 3 GIF by Star Wars


Or is it just one of Phil's balls in my throat?
Some limitations on how the sharing will work.

- Only people in same country
- You can't leave and join again with a family plan more than 2 times a year
- As account holder, you can have 4 active other members and in total no more than 8 per year. Meaning you can't keep rotating people in and out of the family plan through a year.

The rest all seems boiler plate stuff you'd expect.



This is going to add a big burning log to the gamepass fire. The value is crazy if shared and split with friends, or even if you have an extended family that you want to pay for.


I really hope this brings in more deals on key sites and not the opposite and kill account deals on third party marketplaces. I've been using alt accounts and playing on my main account for a long long time now with ultimate for like 1-2 dollars for 1-3 months.

I hate managing subs but being so cheap is hard to ignore.

My fear is that they Phase out cheap ultimate account trials.i really dont feel like paying or organizing account shares.


always chasing the next thrill
I might actually buy a series x meow
If only it could play dolby vision UHD discs
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Goddamn! This is unquestionably the best deal in gaming

Though for the first time ever, I’ve got to ask how this is sustainable. Because essentially $5 a month for cloud streaming, PC + Console Gamepass ultimate + xbox online play + EA Play sub…
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I am Become Bilbo Baggins
St Phil has done it again.

This is an insane deal! Microsoft are really throwing everything at Gamepass. This, combined with the news that COD will be on GP means millions more people will be picking up an Xbox.

Also, makes me hopeful that Microsoft will dig deeper and cut a deal with all third party publishers to get their games released day one on Ganepass! COME ON MS! I'd pay £70 or more a month for that service!


The best deal in gaming just got better. Nothing comes close to this.

MS are hitting it out the park while it's competitors are increasing entry costs and charging £70 for shitty remasters.
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If you think that GP is already the best deal in gaming history they come up with this. Incredible.
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Game pass prices are actually going down with this plan. For 60 dollars a year. You can play all these games coming in the next year.

The list is actually incomplete with so many new announcements like Lies of P etc


That’s why I don’t think GP / GPU prices will increase any time soon, MS wants a cheap way for people to get into the ecosystem. Once you’re in, you’ll spend money one way or another.

If it goes live in most regions by BF / Christmas coupled with some deals this is going to move units.
Everything? You must have missed 8 pages full of super disappointed Halo Infinite offline splitscreen coop fans!
They are gonna cry then when they find out halo infinite will continue to grow over time anyways. Halo has been "daaaaad" for so long and yet continues onward.
Goddamn! This is unquestionably the best deal in gaming

Though for the first time ever, I’ve got to ask how this is sustainable.
It draws people in to their ecosystem where they get 30% of third party purchases that might have otherwise gone to Sony/Nintendo, and they don't include dlc/expansions like forza 5s hot wheels.

Game pass is a play to draw marketshare away from Sony for the most part though

It's obviously working to some extent, between the free marketing from users, Sony making its own rival (never would have happened otherwise, Sony fanboys should be grateful to Microsoft, and Microsoft fanboys should be grateful for the competition), and Sony's public statements about game pass being anti competitive (fucking lol).
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