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Times top 10 games of the year


1 and 2...

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Dick Jones

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Where are the GAF-Awards? The only ones that matter!
I dont trust us after last year's fiasco. A game winning based on potential that never appeared in its first year.

Edit: This isn't me shiting on Xbox. There would be a hell lot more acceptance of Forza winning last year. There was annoyance of Forza not being nominated for TGA last year. Halo which was released too late for the GOTY category, wasn't even nominated this year and there was silence over this. We all know last year was blindly backing the wrong horse even though we had a legitimate contender from the same first party cast aside.
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As somebody that didn't enjoy the GOW reboot Ragnarok has been a pass for me so far and I have accepted my aging joints and patience are just not meant for games like Elden Ring so I am not as outraged to see Horizon and The Quarry ranked like they are. Even then I didn't find myself enjoying FW as much as the first Horizon and I would have a hard time considering something like the Quarry for GOTY when the game element is so limited. I honestly don't know what my GOTY would be though since there have been games I have enjoyed but nothing that has stood out as special. I'm almost tempted to say Sonic Frontiers for the simple fact I have never liked a Sonic game and wasn't even going to buy it but it ended up an impulse Black Friday purchase and I am really enjoying it. Despite my reservations Elden Ring ended up an impulse Black Friday purchase too and have not played it yet so who knows maybe it will be the first game like this I do get into.


Tell me you only play high-profile AAA releases without telling me.
That’s going to be almost everyone, including us.

I just wish I had finished the top 3 games to have an opinion if they deserve to be above my current all-time #2. Never played The Quarry, never stopped Elden Ring to return to Forbidden West, still working my way through GOWR. These awards are arriving too soon.
When’s GAF’s GOTY voting starting?


I haven't heard of the Quarry, I'll have to check it out.

For the record, I was selected as Time's person of the year in 2006, so I know these guys have not only got the street cred to deliver a solid list, but they know what they're talking about too.


This only shows what a shite year it's been but I'm slowly coming round to the idea of giving Ragnarok my GOTY instead of Bayo 3.
the editor/writer that put this list together is very brave.

If they wanted ‘gamer’ dicksucks they should ahve picked a narrative adventure point and click like immortality or Norco, or vampire survivors, or return to monkey island.


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This is a list of games
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