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things that should change in games ( just my opinion )


what changes would you like to see in games to improve your experience ? for me it would be

1. Forced walking - i hate it when a game forces me to walk slowly alongside an npc while they are talking , its so annoying , just let me
have my own pace

2. Unskippable cutscenes - some games have great interesting cutscenes but its nothing more annoying to be forced to watch the cutscenes
in a game with a bad story/characters , maybe the combat is great so why should the experience be ruined by watching something boring

3. Not being able to jump a small fence just to follow the path the devs want you to , the most recent examples are a plague tale requiem and shadow of the tomb raider , i already saw a way to move forward but i wasnt allowed to , instead the game forced me to find a path by using the gear that i had , all could have been solved with a simple jump , thats just poor level design

4. Handgolding - Ok i understand some people dont like to solve puzzles or to struggle to find the right path so they need to have a buttonto push to give them the solution , no problem but at least make that optional , and not in the sense that you remove the feature and its done , thats not how it works , i tried finding my way in batman games without using detective mode and it was impossible in some areasbecause the games was designed around that feature , devsshould improve environmental storytelling to guide those that dont want to use a button to show the way

5. Option for a silent protagonist , in order to make the protagonist silent i would have to shut to volume off completly ,
it would be nice for an option to mute only the protagonist if hes annoying , most recent example forbidden west

thats about it for me , i would have added some things about the combat but that depends on the type of game , one thing that i would like
is for games that have boss fights to stop using cutscenes interrupting the boss fight , most recent example is god of war ragnarok
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