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The Random Image Thread


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San Fransisco 1915

Horse and buggie time 🐴💩 smh

To all those reacting to that picture. If you have the time perhaps you could take 20 min out of your busy schedule to take a look at this video:

It's more or less about the fact that there existed massive grandiose feats or architecture (like in the picture I posted) that most of us call Greco Roman style.

Except these were found all over the globe. From Europe, South America, China, Russia, America and so forth.

Almost as if there was an United empire at that time.

Most of not all were destroyed to make way for a new narrative, adding a 1000 years to history in the process

As a side note most of these building exhibit doorways 3 or 4 sizes larger then our current height let alone the obvioulsy flooded windows and mostly have a original fundament that's flooded as if some sort of mud flood had occurred and what's left is what we see.

And let's not even talk about these grant and enormously fully built out cities supposedly being burned down by a cow kicking over a candle.

These cities were were found(ed) and hijacked by a new humanity. (Orphnan trains) Take a look at any of these marvelous feats of architecture and look at the people around them. Riding there horse and buggy on mudfulled streets. Shit's off.

Then again, I've been balla deep in a myriad of approaches regarding this phenomena from different independent sources each having their own way of how and why. Each with so many possible explanations as to this phenomena. This Jon Levi fella is imho the most down to earth in his approach. And sure, it's beyond easy to dismiss his observations when taking a 5 min glance midway through one of his videos. Especially when your operating from the disposition it's another cook. And I don't blame you. But when you're even remotely interested in past resets involving not so distant wars that used weapons of mass destruction that caused whole city's to melt let alone simumation theory and beyond this guy is operating with boots on the ground.

Talking about melted cities.

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Doesnt need recognition

Body dysmorphic Disorders (BDD)

OCD, Depression,

General Anxiety Disorder


Eating disorder.

Not to brag but I've forgot to mention some event around the time I was 2 or 4 which gave me live long PTSD. Chronic fight or flight modus isn't something I would reccomend.

What would Jesus do

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