The PS5 Was India's Best Selling Console in 2021

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"According to sources in the supply chain speaking to me on condition of anonymity...."

"Sony’s PlayStation 5 was India's best-selling console in 2021. Sony India has made the PS5 the de facto choice for gamers in the country. According to sources in the supply chain speaking to me on condition of anonymity, the PS5 sales best the Xbox Series X|S 10:1. Over 90 percent of the PS5s sold in India were the disc variant rather than the digital edition due to greater customer demand.

Now, some may assume this to be par for the course, given how well the PS4 sold, but this time around it doesn't seem like Sony is resting on its laurels. For one, there have been multiple restocks through the year, at times twice a month — not just online either, offline stores have received regular stocks since its February 2021 release.

Secondly, there's been a larger emphasis on visibility at brick and mortar outlets. Several Sony Centres, consumer electronic chains, and game stores across the country have had Sony come in and redecorate retail with PS5 branding.

Thirdly and most importantly, Sony's been able to ensure regular availability that's routinely communicated by its legion of stores, going as far as to dictate terms regarding scalping, making it appear pro-consumer. Any store found selling PS5s at inflated prices is blacklisted and doesn’t get stock from the company."


"All of this might sound rather boring and par for the course. In fact some might even argue that because of the global popularity for the console, that alone is enough to move units locally. If this was true, the Indian sales figures for the first year of the PS5 wouldn't be what the PS4 achieved in two years — 60,000 by my estimates.

If we go by the 10:1 ratio in the first paragraph, we could assume the Xbox Series X|S India sales to be at 6,000. Though I believe that’s too high when you consider that the availability of both Xbox consoles has been erratic through the year. I’d suspect Microsoft has moved fewer units than that.

Before you ask, Microsoft has been as effective as it was during the Xbox One era, essentially bringing a toothpick to a gunfight. There are some new wrinkles to this ongoing saga of wasted potential, but that’s for another post.

Sony's efforts with the PS5 have had some interesting effects on the Indian games business at large this year too. For example:

  • Deathloop is Bethesda's biggest-selling game in India at launch besting the likes of Skyrim, Doom, and Fallout 4. This is in part due to Sony's wide in-store presence as well as marketing efforts digital and otherwise, associating it with the game’s online features to push PS Plus.
  • Resident Evil Village sold the most on PS4 at launch, but over the course of the year, sold more on PS5 than any other platform.
  • In fact, the general trend in the market is to shy away from PS4 games that can be upgraded to their PS5 versions. More often than not, if a game is on the PS5 and PS4 — with the latter allowing for a free PS5 upgrade — customers prefer the native PS5 version on disc.
  • Spider-Man: Miles Morales which had a slow uptake on release, picked up well enough to be the PS5's biggest-selling game thanks to widespread availability."

"Though the most interesting trend from 2021 is the demand for console games and hardware beyond the traditional markets. Usually 70 percent of console sales have been concentrated between Mumbai, Delhi, and Bengaluru, with the PS5 however, there’s been stronger demand from other cities too. The big three have a 50 percent share so far. And it reflects in the customers too. Now more than ever, the clientele are first-time buyers upgrading from PC or mobile gaming."

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XSS seems to be way too expensive regionally in India. But 70k total Xbox and PS consoles sold in a country with nearly 1.4B population is…. Nothing. Mobile is wayyyyy bigger like with PUBG Mobile and shit. The only hope in India is XCloud taking off and PS Now being available on phones and shit. I think I read that not many Indian households even have TVs but I would need to look that up. Most content viewed like Netflix are from computers and phones.


A single month sales doesn’t mean the entire year. And I’m 99% sure it was mentioned that’s cuz there was no ps5 stock
I'm well aware of that. IGN posted an article on it, with a click bait headline, I was being facetious.


Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
So, assuming a 50/50 split in Series sales, it means the PS5 is outselling the Series X by 20-to-1 in India.


That's crazy! And this will matter a couple of years from now when it comes down to understanding what the average PS5 owner is seeing on their TV, versus the average Xbox Series console owner. I'm only speaking of comparison sites like Digital Foundry when they compare games between the systems.

If 50% of Xbox Series gamers end up having a Series S, then..........


I'm well aware of that. IGN posted an article on it, with a click bait headline, I was being facetious.
“Xbox Series S is Indias best selling console in April” doesn’t sound like clickbait to me. that’s just a factual statement.

If it was “Xbox Dominates PlayStation in India” then yeah
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