Team Asobi next game to be a 3D Action Game with humor


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Team Asobi recently opened a Job Listing for their next game and now we know something about their next game all of this information kind of points towards another Astro game this job listing states “Work centred around Level Design, your role will be to make a variety of levels for a 3D action game, each providing great tempo and creative situations. Your work also includes generating gameplay ideas and supervising their implementation.” and in the responsibilities section it states “Bring creativity and humour to the game.”

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Great team, I’m excited for what they do next. Astrobot for PS5 was truly something special (I still desperately want to play the PSVR game).


I hope it's Gravity Rush 3, but it's not.

If they could make the fighting mechanics fast, precise and entertaining rather than the floaty, slow and boring, as well as have the plot not be generic anime tropes, that'd be great and I'd be all for it...but at that point, you might as well create a new game.


What kind of humor though? 🤔

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They have a new website. Only real info I see are job listings and a statement that their next game will be their most ambitious.



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"We are short on staff and our budget is limited, so this game wont be as ambitious as our previous ones"
Said no developer ever.
I'm fine with a full Astrobot game, or a new platformer IP. Would be nice to see a AAA platformer actually compete with mainline Mario games.

Hope it's not VR. Great way to ensure almost no one plays it.


So no a new Siren.
Fuck Jim and Hermen.

The dev behind siren had decided to leave Sony before Japan Studio was shut down. The dev behind Last Guardian/SotC had already left. There wasn't much reason to keep Japan Studio open besides Team Asobi.
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