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Sumo Digital acquires PixelAnt Games


Feb 11, 2020
PixelAnt Games is Sumo Digital’s tenth development studio. The company’s other studios include Sumo Sheffield, Sumo Nottingham, Sumo Newcastle, Sumo Pune, Sumo Leamington, Sumo Warrington, The Chinese Room, Red Kite Games, and Lab42.

“We’re incredibly excited by the opportunities that being part of the Sumo family offers to PixelAnt,” said PixelAnt Games studio director Pawel Rohleder in a statement. “Sumo has demonstrated a proven commitment to each of its studios to give them what they need to make incredible games and hire the best people. We have very ambitious plans in place, and we know that Sumo is going to support us every step of the way.”

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