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Is Sumo Digital Working on Crackdown 4?


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

Sumo Digital is expanding its team, looking forward to new opportunities. The studio has only recently started recruiting in bulk for their next projects, including an unannounced third-person action title, making everyone think that Crackdown 4 might be already in development.

Right now, Sumo Digital has more than 80 listings on its official website, ranging from programmers to animators to artists and more. It’s only natural for a big game to be coming our way with such a huge team forming up. It’s still early to say whether it’s about Crackdown 4 or a new Forza game, the opening listings do have some details to share on that matter.

Most of the descriptions state that applicants will be involved in creating characters. Creating dialogues, backgrounds and models are only some of the detailed characteristics, something that can’t be about Forza. While we do want to start the hype train about Crackdown 4, the case is far from obvious.

In addition, Sumo intends on working with motion capture and 3d graphics. The studio’s two teams must be working on two separate projects, one of which is an unannounced third-person action title, which is in development by Sumo Newcastle.

The listings also require practice with current-generation platforms, which is unconventional. Can the studio ship a title in 2020 right before the release of Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles?

Last month, Chinese behemoth Tencent bought almost 10% of Sumo Digital’s shares, making this a clear reason behind the expansion. Ten percent is 15 million shares of the studio, giving the team the power to start working on something huge. Although details point to Crackdown 4, the studio could be looking at a new IP to broaden its portfolio of shipped games.


I consider the orginal one of the best games ever made (I could literally write a 9000 word thesis on why it is). So a return to form would be welcome.

Tbh idk what makes the first one better? I tried it and it was average at best imo. I actually finished 2 and 3 but not the first.


Tbh idk what makes the first one better? I tried it and it was average at best imo. I actually finished 2 and 3 but not the first.

It's a masterclass in game design. It doesn't pretend to be anything other than a game (Looking at you, Sony devs).

You are thrown into a world with the only instruction of "Clean up the city by killing the gang leaders". That's it. The entire world is open, and the only thing stopping you from exploring the whole thing, is that you aren't quite powerful enough to take everyone on.

You then begin to power yourself up to take on the stronger gangs, which feels like the bigest dopamine rush in gaming (Outside of getting a Tetris). Again, with no cut-scenes, no lengthy tutorials. You just work it out and power through it.

There is more to it, like the fun traversal, and the way you evolve your character. But I don't want to write ten pages :messenger_grinning_smiling:
Seems unlikely.

I could see them working on current gen versions of FM8 / FH5 while Turn10 and Playground work on the proper next gen entries. Similar to what happened with Forza Horizon 2.


He i actually enjoy the first one. Got for free Was alright. My nephew love it but again kids like anything. Didnt play 2 because i didnt feel like buying it

Never caught my attention so i didn't bother. At launch i almost did cuz if the lack of games tho lol


Never caught my attention so i didn't bother. At launch i almost did cuz if the lack of games tho lol
I got with bundle. Actually i finished which is something to honest. Its very old school 2 button kinda of game. Dodge and spam square. There wasnt much going on. Tge graphics where great the story was eh but kept me going.
I would say is perfect for kids of age 4 to 8. Its not too much like modern games are with a bunch buttons. Hell today you have buttons for everything. Lets say its 90s game with a modern coat on it


Maybe the next Xbox can run what they revealed a couple times before scrapping everything and starting over. That would be pretty sweet.

Crackdown 3 wasn't great, but it was fun for a while. It's at least an average game with many below average elements. It was worth playing for the most part.


The first one looked like a very uninspired, generic "combat platformer for kids" game. Level design based on "introduce obstacle/enemy, increment".
Didn't look good to me (never even watched gameplay for the second one).

I played 2 and 3 cuz some friends wanted to coop. Anything can be fun with coop. Otherwise I wouldn't have bothered.


I doubt it.
I don’t think MS will try to revive that franchise again after Crackdown 3... at least not in a near term.


I liked three, it was better than 2. I think it was really overhyped which hurt it and the constant delays meant people were talking about it for a long time. Even as someone who enjoyed the game though I would say I can understand why people disliked it. It felt very retro but not in a good way, I think it was very true to the template of crackdown one to a fault.

I really hope the series is not dead but it needs an innovative studio that can move it forward while keeping what people liked about it, not an easy task as we have seen in many sequels that have disappointed.


I loved Crackdown 3, but it was dogshit on console, I tried playing it on One X and it was awful. On PC at 60fps and without their awkward button layout on controller it was great.


I hope it isnt another crackdown. Not because I dont like it but Id like something new.

Also, Knack and Knack 2 are very underrated and unfairly treated games, because they are just that. Games.

No bullshit just simple fun old school games.


I liked Crackdown 3 so more would be just fine. If they cut the cloud-tech stuff and multiplayer mode from the start they could double down on making single player even better.


If Crackdown 4 is ever announced it'll be statement on how much Microsoft is pushing with sequels instead of trying with brand new (or rebooted) IP's.

Iced Arcade

I enjoyed 3 for a play through and then collecting all the orbs in another play through. was good fun playing co-op with a friend.

sumo did a decent job considering they picked up the game after it was started and ditched by David Jones and ran through development hell.


I liked Crackdown 3 a lot more than the general consensus. Not GotY material by any means, but a fun romp for 12ish hours. I should replay it on the highest difficulty. Played on my One S and performed fine imo.

I seriously doubt MS is pushing another Crackdown after 3, but if they can make good on some single player destructible environments in a significantly larger world, it could be a sweet next gen showpiece.
If Crackdown 4 is ever announced it'll be statement on how much Microsoft is pushing with sequels instead of trying with brand new (or rebooted) IP's.
So even though they just introduced new IP's from their new studios, Crackdown 4 means they don't care about new IP. I don't understand the hate MS gets lol.
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Speaking as someone who really did love the first game... I hope not. This is not a series. It is one well executed game with great marketing. Sumo did excellent, professional work to get 3 out the door but really we don’t need any more of these games.
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