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Steppenwolf decimates the Amazons in new black & white footage


Yes cause what JL needs is Steppenwolf killing more amazons with more gore and angry faces and ridiculous edgelord of a billion blades redesign not Supes acting like a Superman for a change and carrying a house full of people. Can't wait for that to be finally excised to make a better movie.
I'm saying that if you give Whedon a 4 hour cut and Snyder a 4 hour cut, you're pitting a man who gave us Buffy, Firefly and Avengers vs a man who gave us Sucker Punch and BvS. Snyder should be a visual effects supervisor at best, only thing he's good at - not writing dialogue, stories and directing the whole thing.

He's not a writer, I don't get why people always repeat this BS. He neither wrote MoS or Bvs and only co-wrote Justice League, but haters gonna hate I guess 🤷‍♂️
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Another quickie teaser

holy shit GIF


I like Snyder's movies but this is gonna be hot trash. I want to watch Army of the dead not this waste of time and money.


Man, I'm so glad that he was able to finish his movie

I don't even care if it turns out to be shit (tho I'm hyped for it)

Having to step down from the production due to his daughter tragic death.

I imagine what he feels about this project, and what it means to him to finaly complete it

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think that it will help him with his grief, while giving us a better (hoepfuly) version of the movie

I'm one of those weirdos that loves Snyder. 300 is amazing, Watchmen is top 3 superhero movies, Man of Steel was really good imo.

Even when he fails, his movies looks amazing. Like, the cinematography in BvS is fucking leagues better than 95% of the Marvel movies.
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Watching what? I've had to wait almost 2 years for Army of the dead because of your hot trash movie.
It's only because of finishing vfx of the snyder cut, not because of i don't know reshoots of AoTD to replace the actor, global pandemic and expanding AoTD into a franchise. Stop throwing tantrums and it's not my movie. Im not Zack Snyder.


will it still keep the original ending?

steppen got handled like an ass by supes. Superman was too OP in JL.
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