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STEAM | December II 2014 - A thread for people who don't like sale side posters.

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My Haul:
Bipolar spending habits
Continued urges for things I won't play

My haul:
Classic games I never played that I've wanted to own since forever
Incredibly cheap and cool indies
Gifts and goodies from SteamGAF
Metal Gear fucking Solid
Excitement to start playing
once the damn sale ends and urge to F5 slows down

I'm sure having built my first gaming PC in a decade and this being my first Steam sale has a lot to do with my positivity. I could be joining the depressed ranks come next year.

A Fish Aficionado

I am going to make it through this year if it kills me
I always carry a big haul.
I keep changing my goty list around. I can't fit all the games I want into a top 10 and I've only played half of the games that could potentially make my list.
I'm glad TW3 was delayed, not only because it gives me more time to upgrade but also because I need to catch up with at least some of the stuff I missed.
People saying this year didn't deliver are out of their fucking minds, but we already discussed that.


Well here it is GAF, my 5 Steam GotY list, start with
The Talos Principle

There’s a running gag that Valve can’t count to 3. There’s also the general consciousness that if there’s a certain game/genre that big pubs and devs don’t invest in, it is left to indies or smaller devs to make.
Talos Principle is one of those games.
This is a Puzzle game, that can be played either in First Person or 3rd Person view. You play as a robot who awakens in a small garden to the omniscient voice of Elohim, who claims to be the god of the world you are in and your creator. He sets you on a path of solving puzzle rooms in order to reach Nirvana and ascend into a higher plane of being.
Completing puzzle rooms awards you with Tetriminos which are used to progress through the game and unlock items that help in solving later puzzles.
As you progress through the game you will find computer terminals and interact with an unseen entity that questions you, Elohim and the overall puzzle solving quest you’re in, adding more depth to the game’s setting and story.
Talos Principle isn’t a hard game, but the puzzles are a joy to solve especially after spending a few minutes just making mistakes until you hit that Eureka moment.
One thing I dislike about the game it’s the isolationism which is odd as I never had that problem with Portal 1 or 2, which this game will remind many of. Another is the lack of a ‘Multiple Save Slot’, meaning that if you want someone else to experience the game from scratch, your own save will need to reset.
While I can’t say if it surpasses Portal 2, it’s a breath of fresh air in a gaming age where broken on-release collectathon games, linear shoot bang and underwhelming big budget multiplayer games take the spotlight.
For $40 or less it is a worthy investment and will be an experience you’ll want to go through again in the future.

Gunhound EX

Originally released on PSP, this game was released earlier this year courtesy of Playism Games.
In this 2D action game, you pilot a mech with a machine gun as you progress through stages defeating enemies with a confrontation with bosses and mid-stage bosses. Although a short game, it manages to offer as much variety as it can with its stages, from battling in a landslide from a mountain or infiltrating a high tech base with various traps.
Your primary means of combat is a machine gun that reloads when its ammo runs, thankfully this only takes 1 second, but it helps to time your shots so you get the most damage on an enemy before reloading.
In addition you have a melee weapon you can use to damage enemies if you’re close to them. An option in the game will make this melee attack pop up automatically if you’re within range. Metal Slug anyone?
Finally there’s also another type of ranged weapon equipped on your Gunhound which can deal big damage, but its ammo will take some time to reload after firing.
As stated previously, each stage ends with a boss fight, and I’ve found the boss battles well designed for the most part, as they involve learning patterns and dodging/avoiding their attacks.
If there’s one gripe I have with the gameplay, it’d have to be in any anti-gravity sections, worse is that one or 2 such sections are boss fights! To be fair, the game does offer you a simple method by which to have your gun firing at the boss, but maneuvering around a certain boss was a pain in the ass.
Although you have a lifebar, you cannot recover health, however, you can get rid of your initial coating to reveal the interior armor plating on your mech. Doing so gives you increased movement speed and fully recharges your health, making it useful for critical situations.
Graphics-wise the game is very pixelated despite the in-game smoothing option, and I would’ve liked for it to be cleaner when playing full screen. Non the less the 2D graphics and overall presentation is really good and very colorful.
While a short game, it does have unlockables, earned by gaining points from playing through the game. If you manage to beat the game without dying or using a continue you earn the most points and they go to unlocking extra equipment.
These additional equipment can replace your initial weapons from the Extras menu, and include a flamethrower as well as a shield that’ll replace the melee weapon allowing you to block certain attacks.
All in all, if you’re a fan of Run n’ Gun style games like Contra or Metal Slug, you should def. give this game a chance. It also has the benefit of having a good simple story with a good female protag, and despite being a short game, benefits from replay ability like many games of the NES era onwards.

Killer is Dead

There were many games I played on PS3 that I wished would get a PC release just to fix their technical and performance issues. This is one them, yet I managed to overlook its performance setbacks and voted it as my GotY 2013.
Killer is Dead is an action game from Grasshopper Manufacture, where you play as Mondo Zappa, who one day, wakes up to find a mechanical arm strapped on him, and is recruited to an execution agency that specializes in eliminating monsters. The game will have you go through various levels each with their own unique design and setting, from a normal house that suddenly transforms into a crazy dollhouse, to fighting enemies and giant eyeballs in a mansion on the moon, to stopping an enraged sentient train turned eldritch abomination in Russia.
You know, typical monster slaying stuff.
The game’s combat is really simple; Your main weapon is the beloved sword Gekkou, and as you can keep attacking enemies without being interrupted or taking damage, a gauge fills up which increases the damage from your sword and its speed. Mondo can also break an enemy’s guard or stun them with a punch from his mechanical arm that can also increase the gauge.
In addition Mondo’s mechanical arm functions as a gun which he can use to dispatch enemies with. By playing Gigolo missions you will unlock additional forms for your mechanical arm to transform into such as a drill or a charge cannon.
Mondo can also block and dodge attacks, a properly timed dodge will allow you to counter an enemy by dashing to them and unleashing a fast barrage of sword slashes while game time freezes around you and the enemy you’re countering.
As you progress through the game your health & Blood (equivalent of MP) can increase from items dropped by defeated enemies or found in breakable objects. You can also earn points that can be used to unlock more abilities. Furthermore, completing missions earns you cash which you can use to buy items, mainly for gigolo stages, but there are other items that can be used in-game.
The game’s structure involves completing missions, with the first 2 serving as tutorial modes, and mission 3 being the intro stage of sorts. You can access missions from a ‘world map’ hub allowing you to replay the stages/missions you completed on harder or easier difficulties.
In addition to the main missions, you can unlock special/bonus missions that have specific objectives in order to earn cash and points to learn upgrades.
My main attraction to the game is that it’s by Suda51 whose past games I’ve really enjoyed due to their simple concepts and gameplay, and especially the crazy stories and events that occur in the games (did I mention that one of the stages/missions is a mansion on the moon?). I was ecstatic to learn that the game was releasing on Steam, and applying the simple 60 FPS fix among a few others has really made experiencing this game much better.

Freedom Planet

Freedom Planet is a 2D Platformer with visuals inspired games on the SEGA Genesis/Mega Drive. I had gotten interested in this game after reading up about it in the Sonic Community Threads, and as someone who liked Rocket Knight Adventures and the original Sonic Trilogy, I just had to get this game.
You play as one of 3 characters, each with their own unique playstyle and moves, progressing through 12 beautifully drawn 16-bit stages, each stage with its own theme reflecting Sonic 3 and Knuckles (not the stages themselves, but rather the variety and how each stage stands out from its predecessor and successor.
Suffice it to say that this game has a great soundtrack, and like many games of the era, the boss battle theme(s) are quite memorable, one even having an upbeat tempo that just gets you hyper to battle those powerful bosses.
If I had any negatives to say about the game, then it’d be that the stages feel really damn long first time you play them. Each stage would take 10 minutes to complete first time around, but at least the game manages to keep a good fast pace and offers various paths that allow you to complete stages. I would’ve preferred if each stage was divided into 2 acts, as my initial playthrough had me plough through the game one stage a day.
At the end of each stage is a boss, and in some stages there are mid bosses. Bosses in this game can be quite a challenge as you must learn their patterns and time your movement to avoid taking damage, lots of mess ups and you may end up having to restart a stage! It is also one of the few games I’ve played this year where I really enjoyed the boss fights, with the other being Ys: Oath in Felghana.
I personally enjoy playing as Lilac more as she reminds me of Sonic and Rocket Knight and I like her moveset. I did try Carol and Milla, but they didn’t sit right with me, but kudos to the devs for offering variety to the way you can play this game!
I also like to give this game the honor of having a great villain with a neat novelty to his final battle; where normally the final boss would ‘go into their next/final form’, Brevon, starts battling you in his power armor for 2 rounds, before battling you without it; and he hits HARD SON! 1 hit from that sword of his and bye bye 80% of your health!
It would be safe to say that this game is to the Genesis/MD, what Shovel Knight is to the NES, and I recommend getting this if you’re a fan of 2D platformers or the Genesis/MD in general.
As a final note, the game has a good story IMO, but you can play in classic mode to play without the cutscenes.

and last but not least

Announced during Late 2013, and developed by Double Helix prior to their acquisition by Amazon, this is a 2D action game where you play as a badass ninja who runs around a dystopian city and its surroundings in order to kill its evil monarch, Grandmaster Meio, and put a stop to his plans for world domination.
Combat in Strider is very simple as you mainly mash the attack button to have Strider slash his sword in front him while running around taking down Meio’s army consisting of humanoid robots and giant monkeys.
In a way the combat reminds me of Strider 2, where in that game I’d just hold the attack button and just run around killing enemies and racking up that score.
As you progress in the game you gain additional power-ups that can help in defeating enemies faster. This brings to a negative I have with the game, being color coded enemies, though I found it be an issue mainly because of how attempting to attack an enemy with a power-up that isn’t its weakness will just have Strider go into an animation where he is pushed back.
While the core combat is simple, the game shines in its boss fights which require you to time your dodges/jumps in order to avoid taking damage from the boss.
The game is divided into a number of areas, each being a big map that can be explored to find secrets and power-ups, however, from the start of the game you won’t have all abilities and skills needed to get some power-ups or secrets. Although there is backtracking, the game’s map will show where secrets can be found to make it easier to find them.
While I didn’t find the music all that remarkable I liked how it used remixed tracks from the older Strider games.
All in all it’s a simple hack n’ slash action game with some decent exploration, the game is said to be better on Hard, but Normal was do-able and I still had a lot of fun playing it. A shame there’s no New Game+ to try it out with all skills right off the bat.

Let me know if MRORANGE requires a shorter description for each game, but I just went full on mini-article despite my shitty writing skills :V


I want Strider.

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Strider -- MB-88FD5163856C3C28 - Taken by Man Puncher. 62 entrants total.

Doe someone happens to want to participate in a Space Engineer fourpack? I have three people here that want to buy one. All European though, so if we need to buy it it would be a bit more expensive.


Seems like I have a spare "Landmark 1-Week Closed Beta" key from one of the humble bundles. Is the early access the closed beta?

If so PM if you want in.

Also is it worthwhile getting garry's mod? I currently have the CS:bundle.


I just realized that I put way over 100hrs into Battlefield 4 (patches did turn this one around) and Mass Effect 3 (I wish the ending would've been its biggest problem, easily the worst game of the series and the often lauded MP gets stale fast) over the holidays. Steam is dead to me.
Still looking for a last minute sale purchase.

Necromancer, ha, first time I've seen this.


Is the booster pack creator, and gems going to be an indefinite thing after the sale? I'm sure it is, but just thought I'd double check. As some boosters work out cheaper using it.
Is the booster pack creator, and gems going to be an indefinite thing after the sale? I'm sure it is, but just thought I'd double check. As some boosters work out cheaper using it.

I'm pretty sure it is, but you only have to wait another five hours to be certain.

Man, that sack of gems price in the community market is surprisingly flat.
I don't know what to do...
Friend of mine sent me late Christmas presents Never Alone and Detective Grimoire while I was asleep today. But problem is that I have those games already... I bought Never Alone from Nuuvem some days back and got Detective Grimoire as a gift from another friend two days ago.
I have no clue how he even sent those to me at all since steam doesn't let you directly gift games people already own.
What can I do without making him feel bad?

Finish those two games. Tell him "I played those games and they were both great! Thanks for the gifts!" Then sell the copies and use them to buy something else.

Edit: Geez, I double-posted myself. Sorry about that.


Unconfirmed Member
I didn't know that A Bird Story (from the creator of To the Moon) was already released. Grabbed it with card money!

In fact, this is the first major Steam sale where I didn't pay anything out of my pocket, only using card money instead. It simply didn't grab my attention.


Have played Toybox Turbos (PS3 version) and BlazeRush (PC version). Both are really fun multiplayer games.

Toybox Turbos
At first I didn't think the game was fun at all, but after setting the cars to the fastest ones and used them in every track it was a lot of fun. It plays like a typical Micro Machines match. Get points by being further ahead than everyone else. There's weapons spread around the track which you can use on the other opponents. There's some weird physics with collisions and camera angels makes some shortcuts in the tracks mandatory or you will lose, but other than that I really recommend the game to Micro Machines fans. I really like that you won't get destroyed by most of the weapons, instead your car will start to spin around or get upside down. You can then try to use the control stick to get it right again.

Played mostly the mode in which you survive a round like in Micro Machines. You have to either take out the other opponents or stay in the lead. There's a bulldozer (or what it is callled) chasing you after a while, so you have to try to race to the top while trying to take out the other opponents. You'll find two types of pickups during the race. One is for weapons and the other for boost. You'll also get a random boost item after a while. You can't die from the other weapons, but if you get outside the track from the blast you will get destroyed.

There's two more modes you can play. One where you have to stay in the lead for the longest time and the other is a regular race where you have to be first over the finish line.

Played both games in local, so I don't know how they will work online.
Games I would have bought if I had less self-control or if the prices were lower:

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved
Resident Evil 4
Abyss Odyssey
Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Night Shift
an arcadey car racing game (Need for Speed Hot Pursuit or Grid?)
Euro Truck Simulator 2
Revolver 360 RE:ACTOR
The Banner Saga

Dat Steam Level 3 feel.


I made the mistake of thinking about food and now I'm hungry and I won't be able to eat anything for another hour uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugh.

Not necessarily they dropped the RRP in the UK to £29.99 recently.

PC would be a 'new market' of sorts though, unless that wouldn't affect rrp?


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MAJOR MAYHEM -- MB-BE5057CA3297EED7 - Taken by Naked Snake
POWER-UP -- MB-17F7965CBE5EFC0C - Taken by Akuosa

This year marks the 10th anniversary of my graduation from college, I've been really nostalgic about those days lately. Oh well, we didn't have Steam yet so how good could it possibly have been?
I flunked the first year because my roommate bought a Dreamcast.
And yes, I know Steam already was a thing in 2005 but it didn't exist when I entered college and wasn't really Steam as we know it now.


Hey SteamGAF if Activision/Bungie decides to put Destiny on Steam would game be successful?

I suspect it would be very much like COD games and not be very successful, simply because it is not a good game. There are also plenty of competing games that are superior to it
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