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Sony Q2 FY 2011 Financial Results - 3.7M PS3s Ship, $350M Net Loss For Full Company


Jul 7, 2010
H_Prestige said:
What exactly would Samsung have to overcome to get into the console business? Hardware itself is no problem for them, they would easily beat the competition there. If the hardware is there and development is straightforward, then third parties would put most of their games on it. Then they would need to set up an XBL or PSN type of thing, which would take work. I don't think they need to develop games themselves. Sony seems to stay in the race just fine without a big first party. The meat and potatoes of the ps3 and 360 are the third party games anyway.

I think Samsung is easily big enough and has the resources to break in.
Nope. Too late for that. The competition is already fierce. There isn't any room for a fourth competitor, actually. It won't be that profitable for Samsung as well, since they really have to invest a lot initially to build their brand if they do decide to enter the console business; sort of like, MS and the Xbox. The only one that can successfully do this is Apple. They already have a gigantic existing userbase, so they can easily take it to the next level.

Samsung can make some nice hardware, but I see no reason why they would choose to enter the console business.