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Sony Q2: 13.3M+ PS5s; Sales shatter industry records for sixth straight quarter


Curious as to what would happen if the Series S didn't exist.

But to be fair Microsoft doesn't care of they sell an S or an X. To them it's just an Xbox and that's all that matters to them.
I imagine that you'd be seeing an Xbox Series X Digital launched around this time, priced to match the PS5 DE.

Maybe hard to tell and seperate:
- reduction of the total consoles that would have been made. Apparently s is more easily produced
- theoretical increased demand for the x de sku


Yeah, because this is reliable information somehow? Guy worked there for little over a year and left long before Ghost was done.

Mentions to have worked on the analysis and management of a 60M budget, but doesn't mention that it was GoT's game budget. Very likely it was the studio costs for 4 years. Pretty likely also could include during this time GoT development and the prototyping, R&D and preproduction for future title(s), or maybe the GoT PC port too. It could also cover only some years of the GoT development and also part of their previous game since it covers until 2016 and GoT was released in 2020.

And well, in Sony around 90% of the people credited in their games aren't from the lead gamedev studio. They are instead from external outsourcing studios, internal Sony support teams like Sony Visual Arts Service Group, internal Sony corporate stuff like executives, audio team, marketing, QA, legal, PR, publishing, sales, localization and so on. And well, from AAA games the publishers spends about the same money for each game's marketing+PR budget than their gamedev budget.

We don't know which is GoT budget, but both Jimbo and Layden mentioned their current AAA budgets were well above $100M. And in a few cases over $200M. And we don't know if they were talking about gamedev budget alone or if they were also adding the marketing & PR budget there too.

Where are all these PS5s getting sold? You cannot find them anywhere in Western Europe.
At least in Spain there are several alert groups or accounts in Twitter, Telegram, Whatsapp and more who lets you know when a big retailer releases more units. Every time they release new units they get sold out in a few minutes. I assume it should be similar in the other Western Europe countries.

Does make their attach rate/ARPU even more crazy though.
As I remember MS doesn't release the amount of Xbox games sold or Xbox revenue separated from PC. So we can't know Xbox's attach rate or ARPU.
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Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
Its been their agenda from jump. I've never seen a game that caused so much butthurt ever, its oddly facinating how much it pisses some people off.

It's what happens when you live by the lie "Go WOKE, Go BROKE". Some people honestly believe in that lie. And so when a game is released that THEY consider woke, they can't wrap their idiot minds around the notion that it sold extremely well.


Mckmaster uses MasterCard to buy Slave drives
I always thought that would have been a better idea than having a Series S. A 399$ Series X would have been much better better in my opinion. For a 100$ you are losing a lot of power and that isn't worth it TO ME in my opinion.

And you'd be able to create a game that works on a tech spec that's high. Instead of a 1080p x 60 box.


Hmm I think the video game business might just have a future. Looks pretty promising but we’ll see how it plays out.
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