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So, how are you feeling about XBOX "Passion Projects"?

Which game so far is your favorite

  • Pentiment

    Votes: 38 27.5%
  • Grounded

    Votes: 31 22.5%
  • Bleeding Edge

    Votes: 3 2.2%
  • Hi-Fi Rush

    Votes: 66 47.8%

  • Total voters


I don't think bleeding edge was a passion project. They tried to pitch it like that maybe? but It seemed much more like ninja theory panicking and trying a game like overwatch hoping it would stick.

The other 3 though. For sure.

I remember in one interview they even kind of admitted that bleeding edge happened because they could not afford to move on to HB2 at that point, not exactly the same deal as the others for sure.

And for those questioning the "passion" project moniker used with these games, in gaming I'd say this is what a passion project looks like. A big AAA game today is going to have so many layers of corporate involved in it (even the really good ones) that it seems like it would be hard for those to ever be completely driven by the creative side.
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I fucking love them
I admit that I did not played Grounded much, because I'm not a fan of survival games, but Bleeding Edge was great. Sadly it didn't catch to the rest of people.
Pentiment is awesome a Hi-Fi Rush is just amazing.
I love focused games that know what they want to do, don't offer any bloat and don't overstay their welcome. I rather play these type of games than "insert generic open world game with 100 hours of content" like Horizon, Far Cry or Assassin's Creed.


Seems my data was from a weekend spike. Still, 7k+ daily players is nothing to scoff at.

At least you saw the review stats when you made this crop. So much for ‘low quality fodder’ 😀
7k is just number of concurrent players at the moment and not the total number of players.


Genuinely surprised to see Hifi rush so highly rated. I’ve put about 2 hours into it and thought it was decent but not 9-10/10.


It's been great to get that sort of variety from a first party, there is something for everyone which is how it should be and how Gamepass will grow.
Having these games so easily accessible gives them a much larger audience, Grounded is a prime example with over 10 million players.


For me they are the ones that have been the most pleasant surprise in current gaming. Both Grounded and Hi-Fi Rush. Haven't started Pentament yet but will. Fresh quality games with soul.

Naked Lunch

More interesting to me than bloated "AAA" open world time sink snoozefests.
Hi Fi is a throwback towards the crazy japanese action games of the 360 era.
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