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Skyrim or Elden Ring - Which was longer for your first playthrough?

Which did you have a longer first playthrough with?

  • Elden Ring

    Votes: 43 46.7%
  • Skyrim

    Votes: 40 43.5%
  • I have played neither/just one of them- where's my prize?

    Votes: 9 9.8%

  • Total voters


As usual, this is not about quality or which is better. Both great games with very different strong points (open world vs action combat, etc) This is just for fun.

The most recent elder scrolls game and the most recent fromsoft game.

A friend and I were discussing how amazing it was that elden ring managed to keep both of us playing for over 100 hours easily, while we struggle to clock 30 hours in most games.

Another notable game (that isn't open-ended like rimworld, factorio, dwarf fortress, space engineers, etc) to keep us for that long based mostly on exploration was Skyrim.

The two games achieve that longevity through different means though.
I'm sure something like 75% of my time in elden ring was spent killing things, trying repeatedly to kill things or inadvertantly running to explore an interesting location and ending up being forced to kill something instead.
Skyrim had more of an even balance between exploration, combat, questing, "dungeons" and "puzzles".

Which did you spend more time on for a first playthrough?
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Skyrim made my pants go up with spells, while elden ring made me a bitch due to the bosses.
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Along those 2 i would put there RDR2 and W3. Big games where you can immerse yourself in them.
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I never played Skyrim It just not my type of RPG, with Elden Ring I put 200+ hours in my first playthrough.
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Playing Skyrim : 220h, never finished, 3 attempts
Playing Elden Ring: 137h (20h+ is probably just in photomode), finished in 56-60h
Trying to launch modded Skyrim without crashing: more than the first 2 combined
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I never played Skyrim



Along those 2 i would put there RDR2 and W3. Big games where you can immerse yourself in them.
Good point.

Though I don't really know what kind of numbers people have for their first playthrough with those two


Elden Ring.

With DLC, Skyrim

50% of my Skyrim time was probably me going back and forth on dungeons because I'm a loot goblin.
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Elden Ring I think. First playthrough was around 70 or 80 hours?

I missed a handful of dungeons, boss fights, and the entire Aqueduct section with the double golem fight. No idea how some people took 150+ hours to beat it unless they constantly farmed runes or maybe spent lots of time doing multiplayer.

Skyrim was long enough ago that I don't remember how long it took me.
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I played Skyrim wrong the first time and didn't realize that there was repeatable content and a ton of content that didn't really matter that much. I spent much longer time playing it as a result, so even though I logged almost 200 hours into Elden Ring, Skyrim is almost double that.

And my Elder Scrolls Online time is almost double that of Skyrim


I still have yet to actually finish Skyrim, yet have played like 300 hours. Fucking sidequests and shit.

Haven't played Elden Ring, too much other shit to get through. Finishing Gotham Knights, then Zelda comes out plus have to eventually play Hogwarts that's sitting there. Nevermind the literal hundreds of games I've yet to play on Steam and Game Pass.

Life is so cruel.
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I still have yet to actually finish Skyrim, yet have played like 300 hours
Still working on my first playthrough of Skyrim on 5 different platforms
Playing Skyrim : 220h, never finished, 3 attempts
Yeah, with Skyrim I remember I actually had to remind myself that there was still a main quest to complete.

Went to finish it then carried on with whatever other quests I was doing. Damn good game in that regard

Lokaum D+

I never played Skyrim It just not my type of RPG, with Elden Ring I put 200+ hours in my first playthrough.
How to play skyrim in 2023

1 - install skyrim
2 - install 345 mods
3 - walk for 30 minutes in the wild
4 - look at screen for 5 minutes doing nothing
5 - u completed ur first playthrough
6 - uninstall skyrim
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Skyrim. And it's not even close. I purposely avoided the main quest until the end, because I just couldn't get enough of exploring the map.

Elden Ring has far superior combat, but after
the map felt really empty and linear and I just went almost straight to the end, occasionally revisiting some old areas to progress some quests.
Elden Ring, over 200 hours.

Skyrim I didn't play at original release. Started recently in preperation for Starfield, it's damn addictive. Had to drop it, i don't want another 200 hrs RPG right before Starfield drops.


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I think i completed Skyrims main story a little faster than i did finish Elden Ring, but Skyrim isn’t really done after that.


As my first souls game, finishing Elden ring was damn pain.....more then 150 hours of fails & frustrations & like noob I'm I tried & killed Malenia & Mogwin before Elden beast.
On other hand I finished Skyrim in 70 hours before 8 years & never played again.


I have no time counter for Skyrim (X360) - but I did ever other quest line to the end inc. all Dragon Priest Masks, Artifacts and guilds. I’d estimate my first play through was 70 hours maybe? Elden Ring took 50 exact.


I put 20-30 hours into Skyrim, waiting for it to get good. It never did. Put way more time into ER even though I’m not super crazy about that game either,
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