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Skater XL is coming to XBOX next year


Jun 5, 2009
Great Smoky Mountains

Developer Easy Day Studios announced Skater XL will launch for the Xbox One in 2020.
"Since the launch of Early Access for PC we’ve been barraged daily with requests to bring the game to Xbox One," said Easy Day Studios director and co-founder Dain Hedgpeth. "Skateboarding is a natural console experience; something fun to play kicking back with friends in the living room. Too many years have passed since a great skateboarding game was released for the console audience, so we’re stoked to be bringing Skater XL to Xbox One players around the world."

Since we're probably never going to get a Skate 4, this should fill the void.

Did anyone play this on Steam? My piece of crap PC can't run it.

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