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Silent Hill 3 turns 20!


Yes, it's that time of the year. Not to mention yet another reminder we're getting old, especially those who were there when this gem saw the light of the day.


Happy birthday to one of the greatest survival horror games of all time! And also, the greatest teen protagonist in gaming (sorry TLoU fanboys, Ellie sucks ass compared to Heather. Also, Douglas can beat Joel any day of the week).
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I was enjoying it up until the Harry reveal. Did not really like the ending too much either. Too much of a 180 in her last conversation with Douglas given her situation.


My favorite SH title. Definitely the one that scared me the most, and while James may be more complex, I just like Heather more as a protagonist. Also, I feel people underestimate how much psychological symbolism is in 3, maybe not as much as 2, but there’s still definitely a good amount.


My favorite horror game of all time and no. 5 all time. So many powerful moments and the cast are all dynamite with Heather being flat out an all-timer. One can go on about the music, effects, visuals etc. but what always stood out to me what was how the game handled Heather's relationship with her fair. It's only really detailed on her thoughts and a phone call where you only get her dialogue but it still manages to sketch out their relationship beautifully and with simple earnestness. Then the midpoint hits and it comes into even clearer focus when you reach the apartment. They feel like a really lived in father and daughter pair and the writing is always true to both characters. The game continues to play with so many smaller details that continue to hit their mark time and again.

My personal favorite bit isnt even voiced or acted. It's where she recalls how her father always said he was the strongest man in the world. A charming dorky comment that you can totally imagine him saying but her response is so simple and full of pain and betrayal that it gets me every time.

All of this is washed away in the HD collection by them just turning Heather into a typical, snarky brat from the very beginning.

I've been meaning to play it again but due to recent personal events I'm not really up to it yet. Man, 20 years really go by in a flash.
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