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Sales-Age SERIESFamitsu Sales: 12/21/20 – 1/3/21: Switch 590K, PS5 23K, XSX 339.


Oct 30, 2016
Since monday, more stores have stocks problem for red/blue, grey, ring fit and acnh switch version:


ComG! Gosen, january 14

PS5 lotteries

Fammys and others

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Jun 18, 2020
To be fair I’m not sure there are units anywhere. It’s a mess of a launch on all fronts really. Felt so weird to hear the Larry Hyrb Phil Spencer end of the year talk when they said the figures looked great for the hollidays. I mean if it’s nowhere to be found, how can the figures look good? Were they talking about scalpers figures?
Series s is available on many EU countries, I can walk in a store and buy many. Same on december, it basically bidnt even sell out here


Jun 27, 2005
Series s is available on many EU countries, I can walk in a store and buy many. Same on december, it basically bidnt even sell out here
Series S is available, but Series X has been sold out everywhere. So where is the good Christmas figures coming from? Can’t be Series S since it sits on the shelves. Can’t be Series X because it has never appeared on the shelves.
Seems like they don’t understand the scalpers problem. One of the biggest stores in my country has stated that they’re getting new units january 20th. It’ll be interesting to see if they’re out by 21st...

PS5 is worse though. I’ve given up. I’ll try jumping in at a revision with a bigger SSD instead, I mostly play on PC anyway these days.


Oct 30, 2016
168k week 2....this switch is insane

Week 2, 2018: 31.189
Week 2, 2019: 83.136
Week 2, 2020: 116.301
Week 2, 2021: ~168k

PS3: 534.336
DC: 416.162
WonderSwan: 301.497
NGC: 280.393
PS5: ~ 276.782


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Jan 4, 2020
Not as successful as Nintendo will hope for. I even mentioned 3DS is successful for Nintendo so I don’t get this hostility from you and the other people here.

So my initial post was not entirely about Nintendo or how successful is Nintendo outside Japan or how it is selling faster in USA vs PS4

I made a comparison between on 2 console and the relevance of the Japanese market for them.
It’s not even a PS4 vs Switch thing if we remove Japan numbers. PS4 will outsell it launch aligned. Nada nada.

I have been trying to explain this the whole time on the importance of Japan market for Nintendo as opposed to Sony. They need Japan market more than Sony.
They are breaking numbers, selling faster and that’s with Japan numbers included.
It’s not to discredit Nintendo, it’s not to put PS4 in a better position than Nintendo.
Both are successful console that’s the bottom line.

It’s just an observation, a different strategy both console manufacturers are doing.

EU is more important for Sony while Japan is more important for Nintendo but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the other market is not important or if we removed Japan other markets won't sell great.
EU 45M PS4 VS 9M.
EU 17.7NSW VS 16.17M

Remove Japan from PS4 and EU will be able to compensate for the loss sale. But removing Japan numbers then you are removing 16M that other market cannot compensate and it will take a long time for Nintendo to reached the 100M mark without Japan numbers but can do that easily with it and remove EU sales from PS4 then they will have a hard time reaching 100M or not even reaching at all.

So what is the problem in me telling that Nintendo needs Japan more than Sony and in order for them be successful they need this market more than Sony?

All I see is Japan is their pair of ace on a card game. Which is actually a compliment for Nintendo and not the other way around.