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Rumor: New Monster World IV remake in the works, will be announced at GDC 2020 (Wonder Boy Universe: Asha in Monster World)

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Rumor: New Monster World IV remake in the works, will be announced at GDC 2020

While the build up to GDC 2020 has been steady up to it’s March 16th opening, the official website has been updated with a list of exhibits detailing the latest games from different developers. However when browsing the list of developers and games, one currently unannounced title is listed as “Wonder Boy Universe: Asha in Monster World“. No specifics have been detailed on this title, but the name implies that it will be related to the Mega Drive game Monster World IV and is confirmed to be developed by Studio Artdink. Artdink for reference is a development studio best known for the A-Train series of train simulator titles, along with experimental games such as No One Can Stop Mr. Domino and Aquanaut’s Holiday.

We likely won’t get any official word until GDC 2020 officially opens, but in the meanwhile you can play the original Monster World IV on the SEGA Genesis Mini to pass the time.

Source: Sega Bits


I really hope that it is a brand new game rather than a remake. I'm playing the original MWIV on my Megadrive Mini right now, and I think it still looks and plays beautifully. While I enjoyed the Dragon's Trap remake, I think most 16-bit games have aged very well and don't require remakes. Let's get a new game instead!

It's weird how we've gotten multiple games in this series this gen, never would have expected it. Plus there's Streets of Rage 4, Shenmue III, Sakura Wars, Panzer Dragoon, Monkey Ball and House of the Dead. A bit of a Sega revival going on, even if half of them are made by other publishers. Sega should license out their properties even more.

Fare thee well

I was guilty of being a graphics hound when I was younger, and while it is magical to first experience that to-the-limit graphics update, I think it is way overvalued.
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