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Returnal: Ascension Update (releases tomorrow 22nd March)


When upgraded it's a no-reload beast!

Interesting…. I always avoid it because if you miss and theres no ceiling
I think the drones were nerfed but they can still push your shit in 😂

I would give it another shot and experiment with different weapons. If I had to rate my favorites

1. Electropylon Driver
2. Rotgland
3. Hollowseeker with a portal beam
Thats my layout too. But recently the Rotgland is 1sy because the upgrades is awesome.
Hollowseeker with Shrapnel I like too.

I hit 14million last week, was in the top 900 now its gone to 989 so I better get to 15million soon lol
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Took me roughly 7 hours to get all trophies. The gameplay is still superb, would come back again sometime.

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