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Remedy is remaking Max Payne 1/2 for modern consoles + PC


Im so happy to see remedy on the up swing. Not only are they finally able to make alan wake 2, but now this. Its a great time to be a fan of their games. I know im one of the 5 people who liked quantum break, but id love a sequel to it
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I really hope they keep the og sam lake stills/face.

Heck yes

I loved how the 3 games ended up being the story of Max's falling eyebrows

When I play the 3rd game I have to always use the "Never Bald" mod, I can't take the bald Max.
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aaaand what about 3?

I need to play 3! FFS

Did you know Sully and Max are the same person?
So things didn't turn out too bad in the end!


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Max Payne 2, the greatest & coolest third person shooter ever! They better treat this remake with the respect it deserves and not balls it up.

Hard to see what they can improve on gameplay wise though, the game is absolutely perfect.


didn't like control graphics but quite hyped for these remakes, nice its curentgen only, just hopes whole power won't come into rt on consoles
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lol, did they really announce a big game like this with an investor presentation?

The same with Uncharted 4 for PC/PS5, i wonder what's getting revealed next


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Big news, love the Max Payne series. Was just thinking today its nearly 10yrs since MP3 came out and was thinking we will never see another game.


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I have no words
Does this mean we're gonna get a Max Payne 3 Remastered?
Also if they're doing that maybe Max Payne 4 is on the cards?
That's awesome. I actually replayed Max Payne a few months ago and it still holds up IMO. But it was more difficult and unforgiving than I remember. I hope they retain that and don't dumb it down for modern audiences!


Hype Train conductor. Works harder than it steams.
Wait they said this about Alan Wake..
Still excited but I'm keeping my expectations in check


I hope they sell well and it leads to a MP 4. Not sure I can be assed to play them again regardless of how fondly I remember them though. Limited gaming time means I need to make choices.


Cores, shaders and BIOS oh my!
I wonder if the remake will have them play like Max Payne 3 or just look better but maintain the original feel with QOL/smoothness/visual improvements. I think I'd prefer if they play like the simpler action games they were, down to the old school third person camera. At most upgrade 1 to how 2 feels in terms of gameplay and level design and all, rather than go all out making it all like 3 which to me wasn't the best iteration of the series, even if they don't have all its issues like the constant story interruptions (but maybe that + not bumping on every little thing affecting Max is enough) 🤔

Edit: ah, these are kinda crappy on the hardest difficulty cheesing the AI/knowing the game inside out 🤷‍♂️
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so it's MP1 and 2 combined into a single game? sounds cool,
now they just have to nail the gameplay too... and that's gonna be the harder part imo


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Only played MP3 (never finished because fuck that game gets rough narratively), but I was always confused with it's existence, knowing MP1 and 2 as the "Sam Lake cop game. . ." from the Alan Wake devs.


Holy shit, I can't believe this is real. Max Payne is one of my favourite games ever, paired with Alan Wake and Control. And in next years we are going to have Alan Wake 2 and another Max Payne (remake, but still) by Remedy. At this point I just need Sam Lake as Max Payne character model and I could die happy.


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Remake or woke edition? I really hope they stick to the original script.
why would it be “woke”? there was nothing about the games that was politically incorrect, and Mona from 2 was a great female protagonist already. Or are you just looking for something to fit an agenda?
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